Product Design Workshop by Experience Haus

Product Design Workshop by Experience Haus
Event on 2017-09-08 10:00:00
Our product design workshop takes our 10-week course and brings you the basics, taking you through the design process from start to finish and discussing everything you should think when creating a unique, intuitive and useful product. We’ll talk you through our own process, covering initial strategy and research all the way through to launching your product and creating a product roadmap. We’ll cover the concepts, but also demonstrate the exercises and methods we use daily to push our products forward and make sure they’ll succeed and stand out. After a full day of learning, you’ll be equipped with both the tools and the mindset needed to create an enjoyable, end-to-end user experience for your customers. LOCATION DigitalLBi, 146 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Amit Patel is a freelance Product Manager/Designer working with a number of clients here (most recently Crossrail 2) in London. He’s the instructor of our 10 week Product Design course while growing Experience Haus. He was formerly the lead instructor on General Assembly’s full-time immersive and part-time UX courses in London. He recently spent a year working as the Product Manager at, a startup, cloud-based platform designed to re-invigorate the way we curate and view audio and video via mobile and the web. Previously he spent five years working on the Crossrail project (Europe’s biggest construction project) working on business process/analysis, and project management.

at DigitasLBi Arms, (the basement of the DigitasLBi offices)
146 Brick Lane
Whitechapel, United Kingdom



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