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The first thing any research on natural product will show how human body is slowly decaying due to the extensive consumption of synthetic items and fillers. The major culprit is diet that largely contains adulterated versions of organic items. Second, surprisingly in the list is the more ‘reliable’ set of supplements! The researchers are strongly advocating the boycott of certain section of supplements that contain ingredients like Parabens and benzoates.
Even if some companies boast of being 90 percent natural, the remaining 10 percent still contains hidden traces of ingredients that are harmful for the body, both short term and long term.
Ingredients ending in “paraben”
Petroleum by products
Benzyl enhancers
Quantum Nutrition Labs are free from these constituents and offer only high quality vitamins and supplements in their natural form.
Why is Quantum Nutrition Labs so popular?
Quantum Nutrition Labs meet the highest standards of excellence in supplement production, packaging and delivery. The ingredients are not derived in factories, but are sourced from all parts of the world.
Some ingredient sources are organically cultured in labs to ensure that the environment is not exploited to fulfil human needs.
Quantum Nutrition Labs use only the most advanced technology to create long-sustaining products with long shelf life. The products are produced using latest technologies like:
liquid chromatography
gas chromatography
mass spectrometry
high performance crystal spectroscopy
Products from Quantum Nutrition Labs are known to meet highest standards of quality and purity norms. Some of the major certifications that you should check in the label of a natural supplement are enlisted below.
Certified USDA organic
The US Department of Agriculture certifies a product as natural only when 95 percent of its ingredients are source from natural sources. The remaining 5 percent could be preservatives, and not chemical items.
The Natural Standard
Products from Quantum Nutrition Labs meet the Natural Standard per the definition given by the Natural Products Association. They are made mainly with natural ingredients proven to have no side effects on human body in any form.
Quantum Nutrition Labs have no reported incidents of suspected health risks on consumers. Moreover, the items are safe even for the environment, long after they are disposed organically.
BDIH certification
Quantum Nutrition Labs is also approved by German association that governs the natural products in Europe. It defines the natural products made from plant derived ingredients and have no synthetic colours in them. Quantum Nutrition Labs contain no silicones, paraffins, fragrances and petroleum products.
Quantum Nutrition Labs has ruled the international market of natural health supplements and nutrition products on account of the dedication towards improving its products. It has been continuously adding healthy supplements in its list.

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