Rain Meditation – Experience A Unique Healing Effect

Rain meditation has been one of the best and most popular meditation techniques. The sound of pouring rain is always soothing to the ears. It has a unique healing effect for body and the mind. That is the reason why people are recommended to incorporate the sound of pouring rain while they are meditating. These days, in almost all the meditation forms, music is a must. In almost every form, you have the liberty to choose the right type of music for you, depending upon your specific taste and preferences. However, keeping in mind that there are hundreds of options available in the market when it comes to choosing the right type of meditation music, sometimes it sounds like a very difficult task to make the right selection. In such cases, you certainly want to go for something that suits every situation and taste. And, this is where the rain meditation comes at your rescue. The refreshing sound of pouring rain is equally healing for everybody.

Helps In Making Perceptions:

There is a step in almost all forms of meditation when you are supposed to close your eyes and make a perception. If you are not hearing any kind of music, it will be very difficult for you to make such perceptions. For example, when you hear the rustle of leaves and branches and the chirping of birds, you may easily perceive that you are in a garden. One of the best things with the sound of pouring rain is that it helps in making perception. When you hear this sound, you can easily perceive that rain is falling and there is nobody but you alone in that place. This way, soon you will find that rain meditation is eventually helping you connect with nature. Practicing this form of meditation will make it easy for you to communicate with the other hidden aspects of your life. You will feel that your heart is smiling while your soul is at wet with satisfaction. Your body will feel the refreshing coolness of the breeze as you feel when the rain falls.

Achieving The Real Objective Of Meditation:

No matter, which form of meditation you use, it is very important for you to understand that the objective of meditating is all the same in every case. You want to achieve relaxation for your body, mind, heart, and soul. The rain meditation can help you achieve this objective faster and in a much better way. The first thing in a successful meditation session is that you have to clear your mind from the unruly endless series of thoughts and keep the same cleared for at least as long as you are meditating. It is also very tough thing to do, and in the beginning, you will have to work hard on it. However, when you are practicing rain meditation, you may find even this task much easier. When rain falls and its soothing sound touches the ear, it gives you an opportunity to think about yourself – disconnecting you from rest of the world. It is in this state of mind when you can achieve the real objective of meditation.

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