Rarest, Most Lethal Allergies You’ll Be Glad You DON’T Have

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    • avatar ElMasriyeen 1

      My sister is allergic to Zinc, my ex is allergic to water, and I have mild cold urticaria

      Talk about the odds with that title lol

      • avatar RobloxGame Gamer 1

        At least I'm not allergic to anything :0

        • avatar Odetuber 1

          I'm allergic too
          Guess what
          A) Nickel, cold, or any other allergies on the list
          B) Many things
          I'm allergic to

          Face paint yeah face paint

          • avatar Bardock Xfinity 1

            I am actually allergic to the cold

            • avatar Cait B 1

              Another point to the lesbians 👌

              • avatar E Kramer2 1

                I need to get no nickel jewelry. I'm okay if contact is brief…but nope nope on the jewelry.

                • avatar Gray Jacques 1

                  thank you for clarifying what semen is

                  • avatar Johnson Nyirenda 1

                    You know, I have food allergy. I'm allergic to green pepper, mashed potatoes and carrots.

                    • avatar ThatRandomPersonInTheTrashBin Hiding 1

                      im allergic to water it sucks

                      • avatar stephen madl 1

                        I am allergic to eggs but I can eat organic eggs without side effects so it must be something they feed the chickens on the huge farms.

                        • avatar middy444 1

                          "Rarest, most lethal allergies"

                          "Nickel allergy"

                          Try harder dude.

                          • avatar Sweet Jimmy Balls 1

                            i have exercise induced asma

                            • avatar Alyssa V 1

                              I actually have the allergy to cold… it sucks.

                              • avatar Veronica Lopez 1

                                I think I am allergic to the cold

                                • avatar Agerio 1


                                  • avatar miyunnaise 1

                                    lmaaoaooooo im definitely allergic to exercising

                                    also stupidity, pain, sharing, & bullshit

                                    • avatar it's Just Uss 2

                                      I'm allergic to the cold

                                      • avatar A7X Brandon 0

                                        I'm allergic to water, it fucking sucks. I had to quit playing football cause I'd sweat then breakout really bad. And jt doesn't help that I have to mow my lawn in the 80 degree weather every week. 🙃 but I'm getting through

                                        • avatar Ian Skrivarnik 1

                                          2:25 well 1% of world's population suffers from this alergy, so why give a damn about that 1% ? I am sure that the entire 1% won't realy go into purchasing expensive jewlery. or that's just me