Reading Oracle Cards Workshop with Melissa Divine

Reading Oracle Cards Workshop with Melissa Divine
Event on 2017-07-27 18:00:00
Oracle cards are a popular and inexpensive way of divining guidance for yourself and others. Go beyond the guidebook and learn to successfully and accurately use the cards in conjunction with your innate intuitive senses. In this fun, experiential workshop, you will learn the basics of harnessing your intuition using the oracle cards as your guide and muse. Practice Your new skills with guided exercises and experiments. Oracle card decks will be provided for your use during the workshop. You may also purchase decks from Sutra or bring a deck of your own (but leave the Tarot decks at home, please).  Melissa Divine is a psychic medium who started her own psychic journey by providing oracle card readings first for herself, then for friends, and finally for clients. She refers to oracle cards as the “Gateway to Intuition” because the use of the cards paved the way for her unfoldment as a psychic and medium. She still uses oracle cards for personal guidance and for fun. Learn more about Melissa at 

at SUTRA Imports
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Dakota, United States



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