Rebounding — The Best Exercise For Seniors

For many seniors, finding an effective, convenient, and safe exercise solution isn’t always easy. Many seniors face a catch-22 situation in which mobility challenges make exercise difficult to manage, while exercise is a key to improving mobility. One solution that is becoming increasingly popular is to use a rebounder, or mini-trampoline, for daily exercise at home.

Rebounders are basically mini-trampolines whose short, tight springs provide for supportive, controllable exercise. They are usually no more than forty inches in diameter, and around ten inches in height. They are easy to use and store at home and fairly inexpensive when compared to other pieces of exercise equipment or the transportation and membership expenses of a gym.

The health benefits associated with rebounding are numerous, especially for seniors. The trampoline mechanism provides supportive resistance, allowing for a vigorous, low-impact workout. Rebound exercising strengthens and tones muscles, improves cardiovascular health, helps improve coordination and balance, and helps soft tissue stay supple and active without causing excess joint and bone stress. Just ten minutes a day of rebound exercise can build stamina, improve the length and quality of sleep, and reduce tension and stress.

These exercise devices are extremely convenient and portable. Their size makes them easy to store under a bed, behind a sofa, or in a closet. Many models can even fold in half for more storage ease. And because of their size, rebounders can be used anywhere in your home, including the living room, the bedroom, the outdoor patio, or even in from of the TV or entertainment center.

Safety is always an important consideration with exercise equipment. Anyone using a rebounding trampoline should read the directions and follow a workout guide. Seniors especially should start slowly and gradually increase usage to strengthen connective tissue so as to reduce the the risk of prolapsed internal organs. Seniors should also consider using a stabilizing bar for balance and added safety. And of course, it is crucial to consult a physician before beginning any new form of exercise.

A key safety and cost issue is equipment quality. Prices for mini-trampolines can vary widely, but it is worth the investment to get one that will last and ensure safe workouts. When shopping for one, be sure to take into consideration the advertised weight limit. Make sure the frame is made of steel, and the jumping mat is made of a strong, poly fiber material such as Permatron. Also check that the springs are strong, well coiled, and connected solidly to the frame.

Using a high-quality rebounding exerciser can be an excellent exercise solution. Rebounders are versatile, convenient, and perfect for seniors with mobility and transportation. With a physician’s consent and proper attention to safety, rebounding may be the best low-impact workout available for seniors.

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