Reiki Level 1 Certificate training

Reiki Level 1 Certificate training
Event on 2017-09-17 10:00:00
Reiki which is now a popular form of energetic healing originated in Japan.  Since everything is made up of energy, all types of healing ultimately involve using this life force energy. The goal of Energy Healing is to restore harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system through usually via the hands either touching or being placed above the body. The energy  flows from the palm chakra’s to the client’s body or energy field that surrounds the body.  Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive technique whereby the practitioner uses his/her hands to clear, energise and balance the human and environmental energy fields thus promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. It complements conventional health care and is also used in collaboration with many other approaches to health and healing. The healing energy provides fast, natural and effective relief from an extensive list of ailments including stress, depression, muscle tension, adrenal glands, physical pain (especially back and neck pain), emotional trauma, insomnia and illness. What you will learn in Reiki 1 Certificate training: Register your interest here and I will contact you for the deposit to reserve your place. Level one can help you to tune into your body’s own healing mechanisms. Learn to channel healing energy for yourself and others. Reiki training can help you enhance your creative flow of energy  heal yourself, balance your energy chakra’s and enhance your intuition. Course Outline: Reiki story and history Reiki precepts What is healing? Gross and subtle anatomy Channeling the energy Vibrational therapies Common effects from healing Side effects and precautions What can I expect after a Reiki attunement? The ability to switch the flow of energy on and off Exercises to enhance the flow of Reiki Self healing hand positions Healing family and friends Treating children, animals and plants Reiki is a personal journey of spiritual self development and practice in the art of healing. Reiki teaches us to balance our own energy and live in harmony as we align with the Universal Life Force. Led by Heather Cavill Greer Cost – 9 includes light refreshments and comprehensive manual. Register your interest here and I will contact you for the deposit to reserve your place. To book call 02 8007 6380 or 0405 821880. Places limited

at Lotus Centre
1 Brookvale Avenue
Sydney, Australia

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