Relief For Back Pain – Changing Bad Habits

How do you get relief for back pain? Is there a simple way to actually relieve back pain quickly?

Many people have these questions and are still left struggling trying to find any type of back pain relief. Pain repeats again and again, and as you age your back pain worsens.

Read on to find out the simple steps you must follow to have long lasting relief for back pain.

For most people symptom removal is the main goal. You want to be out of pain as quick as possible. Although this is a great goal to have, you still must eliminate all the issues causing your pain or it will repeat.

You may believe that removing pain permanently is a difficult task, in fact it is very easy and only takes a few minutes to achieve.

The main problem is that although you only need to spend a few minutes each day to remove the causes, you need to do this for more than a day or two. Back pain is habitual, your body becomes accustomed to having back pain and believes it is ‘normal’.

Once this occurs, it is easy to remove the pain, but you must retrain your body to stay pain free. This takes time, actually 31 days to be precise. It takes 31 days to break a habit and a full year to make that new habit permanent.

This means you need to use techniques each day for at least a month and then regularly over the coming year. Do this and you can guarantee a life long future without back pain.

This is why any back pain relief technique must be easy to do, be quick to use and you must see results fast. If not, then you will struggle to maintain using any technique for the time needed to make a long term difference.

Relief for back pain is an easy process. You need to target the muscles that are tight and those that are weak. The weak muscles need their blood and nerve supply stimulated and you also need to get joints moving well. Your pelvis must be in balance also.

It only takes four steps to make sure you relieve back pain, and repeat these to change those habits.

You need to spend a few minutes each day over the next month to build new improved habits. Then regularly use the same techniques over the next year to make sure the habits stick.

Relief for back pain is simple, but you do need to spend time to make sure you get results. A small investment now to relieve back pain will allow you to look forward to your older years and know you will have permanent back pain relief.

Dr Graeme Teague is a back pain expert of almost 20 years experience. Grab his free eBook, and discover the ‘true’ cause of your back pain. Head over to his site Relief for Back Pain to find out more.

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