Removal Cysts on the Forehead – How to Remove Acne Easy (Part 15)

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    • avatar betty kuykendall 1

      Not blackheads.

      • avatar Cassie R 1

        Poor guy could have done this in his bathroom mirror ..what's the point in wasting money to have it professionally done..

        • avatar Joan davis 2

          So help

          • avatar Shaun Dejwan 2

            This poor person, yikes.

            • avatar tania loveridge 0

              Missed the big front one

              • avatar Mari Roerig 1

                Did she not see the huge one between his eyebrows????

                • avatar Nikki Roberds 1

                  how could she avoid the one in the middle of the eyebrows for so long. That'd been my first!!

                  • avatar Desiree Schaff 1

                    I sure hope they put some kind of numbing on his forehead first. That looks painful! :(

                    • avatar Susan Fabian 1

                      Unless the sacs are removed all that popping is for nothing. They'll just come back

                      • avatar Mary Ann Virts 0


                        • avatar Iglet Molatudi 2

                          Why is it that such good videos are always so short and yet the crappy ones are always long?? 🙄🙄🙄

                          • avatar Christie Hansen 1

                            Low res video. Too blurry.

                            • avatar B Dominguez 1

                              Poor kid!! I bet he felt so much better!!

                              • avatar Sonia Lopez 1

                                A lousy job!😱😠

                                • avatar Sonia Lopez 1

                                  Enilsa Brown does a job 1000% times better than that!!!

                                  • avatar Stacy H 1

                                    Poor guy gonna have lots of scars from this

                                    • avatar Ethan Smitherman 2

                                      Why does it stop right before the biggest one?!?!

                                      • avatar spwilkey w 1

                                        There needs to be a couple more people getting to work at the same time on these horns