Replace Old Fashioned and Ineffective Exercise With Strength Training

Many people are unaware that over a period of time our understanding about how the human body burns fat and tones muscle tissue has increased thanks to scientific research. We now know better ways to manipulate the body through exercise to achieve fitness and weight loss goals.

But until this knowledge reaches everyone many people are still using outdated and old fashioned ineffective methods that haven’t changed since the 1980’s. Many of these methods of exercise such as single mode, low intensity, long duration (walking, cycling etc) still work to some degree but we now know more effective and faster ways to reduce body fat and tone muscle tissue.

These new methods are based on new understanding about the role that our body’s hormones play in the way body fat is either burned as fuel or stored as excess. If you are currently exercising that is great but you may be losing up to 90% of your results if you are using exercise methods that are now considered ineffective.

Previous exercise programs focused exclusively on calories burned during the exercise session and what happened after the session was not considered important. This is what has changed and we now know that we can increase our calorie burning capacity long after the exercise session has finished. This is the key to weight loss as we are using more fuel every minute of the day 24/7 even if we are parked on the sofa watching TV.

To get this effect the exercise has to stress the muscular system in such a way that it challenges the body to adapt to new levels of strength. There must be a sufficient work load on the muscles for the hormones necessary to boost the metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel) to be released.

The program you use has to contain the right exercises performed at the right level of intensity, the right duration and the right frequency. Strength training exercise will boost your metabolism in the most efficient manner as it stresses the muscular system more than any other type of exercise.

Recreational exercise such as jogging, cycling, swimming etc is great for just that – recreation. This adds to your overall activity levels and all contributes to a healthy lifestyle but do not expect these types of exercise to replace a proper exercise program.

Although it is hard to have to learn new skills and change ideas and beliefs about exercise we all have to keep going forwards. We are lucky to be living in an age where constant new information is easily accessed to enrich our lives so we should take full advantage of it especially if it improves our health.

Surely if someone had the choice to work harder but for a shorter time and get results as opposed to working longer but less hard for little or no results what do you think the average person would choose?

If you need to upgrade your exercise program and bring it into the modern age it is important that you learn the new ways properly. Just as you would take your car to get fixed by a person qualified to do the job you should go to a fitness professional and get the right information so you are not wasting your time and effort on a program that is not going to get you the maximum results.

For a small investment you will have new information that will keep those results coming for years to come and protect your health and well being for your future. Join the new revolution and become or stay more youthful, slim and healthy for a better quality of life.

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