REsonate – Sound Journey & MultiSensory Healing

REsonate – Sound Journey & MultiSensory Healing
Event on 2017-07-22 19:00:00
REsonate is a full sensory journey & healing experience focused on connecting in to your mind, body, & spirit using the senses as a portal. The fusion & blending of multiple senses throughout this experience will expand your perceptions, creating a synesthetic integration of energy, deep relaxation, and a sense of bliss and harmony. This month’s features include:- Live Sound Healing with Neale Baldyga throughout the night, ending with a powerful Sound Journey to transport you deep within- Guided Meditation & Mindful Movement with Adrianna Sesi, focused on enhancing your sensual experience & becoming embodied- Color + Light Healing through projected visuals by Sir Fawn- Aromatherapy – Tea & Detox Water Bar- Healers offering massage, energy healing, Tarot reading, vibrational healing- DIY station to create your own take home aromatic experience- Vendors + More!Take an experiential ride on the REsonance of all your senses & achieve healing at a vibrational level. The integration of frequencies from the various live instruments, lights, scents, and tactile modalities will bring you deeply into harmony & peace. This healing journey will align you with your highest self & activate your energy body. REsonate is the third installment in a series of monthly community wellness gatherings featured at Electric Studio. This event series is all about encouraging your happiest, healthiest self through wellness, art, & community connection.Presale: + a take home gift!Door Price: Please dress comfortable & bring a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow to be as comfortable as possible during the sound journey. Some mats & cushions will be available. About Neale Baldyga “My Intention is to Align you with the Universe, your Mind, Body, and Spirit will heal itself.”I am the founder and co-owner of Urban Escape Healing. I believe that the human body has the ability to heal itself and that everything we need is within us and found throughout nature. One of my purposes is to unlock these powers and share this knowledge with others. My abilities to deeply feel and perceive the world around me have complemented my energy channeling and vibrational healing techniques. I enjoy holding space and being a mirror for you to witness your genuine true self. I am an advocate of self empowerment that enjoys learning about you and your specific needs.

at Electric Studio
51 Harper Avenue
Detroit, United States

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