RESTORE Your Gut ~ RESTORE Your Health

RESTORE Your Gut ~ RESTORE Your Health
Event on 2017-09-27 19:00:00
Join Tina, Fermentationist & Traditional Foods Enthusiast, for an evening all about gut health. There is magic in the microorganisms that live in your body. Your gut, mouth, genitals and nose carry millions of healthy bacteria that protect you. They assist your body to live and grow by digesting food and absorbing essential nutrients, to think clearly and maintain a healthy weight. Your microbiome looks after you when you keep it balanced by keeping you in a good mood and feeling healthy and energetic. Our societies bad habits such as diets high in processed foods and sugar, consuming conventionally raised meat and dairy products full of hormones, the overuse of antibiotics and chronic stress among others lead our microbiome especially our guts to be unbalanced with microorganisms that are detrimental to our health. This imbalance can lead to many health issues including weight gain, diabetes, brain fog and cancer. This dis-ease is rampant in our society and creates an unbalanced microbiome or diysbiosis. With high c-section rates and formula feeding even our babies are starting life lacking the good bacteria to establish a healthy microbiome which perpetuates life long health problems. This is due to the good bacteria in the birth canal and in breast milk which seeds babies guts to grow healthy bacteria. With rising rates of allergies, autoimmune disorders, anxiety and depression are in part caused by our impaired gut health. We have an opportunity now to learn about how to take care of our micorbiome through what we put into our body so we can heal and live healthy fulfilling lives and we can share that knowledge with our children. Spaces are limited.  Please be certain to attend if reserving your seat.  

at Full Circle Wellness Network
278 Bay Street , Suite 201
Thunder Bay, Canada

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