Risks of Movement Therapy

Motion is one of the most important factors considered in most types of therapies due to its abilities to heal, restore, and condition the various physical parts of the human body. There are various massage styles and techniques that are known for their utilization of body movement both passive and active in order to promote total health and wellness.

Movement therapy is considered as a type of therapeutic massage that uses various techniques that are designed to fit the specific needs of each client in order to treat their medical conditions, especially the lack of motion and flexibility. Most of the massage techniques conducted during each therapy session are either movement base or includes the practice and principles of motion re-education. The therapy is usually conducted by a dance therapist rather than a masseuse who makes the therapy quite unique from the rest.

Like most therapeutic bodywork methods, movement therapy is full of advantages and at the same time has its equal share of disadvantages when performed by a practitioner who is not well versed on the proper execution of the techniques. It is considered actually as an act of balancing the pros and cons of a therapy which is commonly done on most of the different types of massage therapies offered on many countries around the world. Basically, when asking if a particular therapy is safe for use as an alternative medical care service, the answer would depend on who conducts the treatment and how he or she prepares and evaluates the patient.

However, there are always possible risks and dangers to all types of alternative and natural healing arts. It is read on many different articles, books, magazines and other informational materials that any type of therapy when not used properly would result to doing more damages to the client than its original purpose of promoting wellness. For this type of treatment, the fact that movement therapy is based on motion, the risks that are most likely to occur are on the joints, limbs, muscle tissues, and nervous system of the client. Over stretching any part of the body outside its safe zone would eventually end up as a physical problem such as torn muscle or connective tissues or entrapped nerves. Pivoting the body to more than its natural capability can damage nerves, fracture and dislocate bones, as well as tear the tissues of our body. Any movement that is done outside the correct procedure will definitely and eventually result to something bad to the physical constitution of the patient. That is why you often see and hear professional advices to seek and get only the service of a certified therapist to help you have peace of mind during the healing and recovery process. Regardless of the safety or risks of an alternative massage treatment, it would seal off any hesitation regarding the success of movement therapy and basically any other bodywork technique. The best way to look for good therapist is through the internet and by dialing the phone in search for the local therapist near your area who are certified.

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