Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra Meditation
Event on 2017-08-19 18:00:00
Your Root Chakra is the base of your Energetic Body. Muladhara means "Root Support" or "Support for the Kundalini". If the Root Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, the energy that is meant to move from Mother Earth through us cannot properly move. When you don’t take care of your emotional and security needs, you may start to feel disconnected from Mother Earth, and could experience physical health issues such as low back pain, problems with your hips, legs, and feet, and reproductive and digestive issues. Other problems such as excessive anger, worry, financial issues, dread, and fear may also occur. Root Chakra issues are often associated with cultural roots and foundations, early childhood issues, and the physical and emotional issues above, causing a viscous circle of energetic blockage, resulting in an inability for energy to reach the higher chakras. By balancing, strengthening and clearing our root chakra of fears and feelings of deprivation, we can come from a state of feeling grounded, safe, trusting and abundant. Our lives begin to open up and we have the perspective and strength to be gracious by changing our attitude about life, allowing us to see the good in every situation. Come join Lynda Bonner as she guides you through exercises to activate and restore balance to the root chakra so you can move into your the coming New Moon with a sense of safety, balance, gratitude and grace. Please bring a journal. I am accepting Love Donations, you can donate here, or at the event.

at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
261 E. 4500 So.
Salt Lake City, United States

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