Heart Disease
Ugh! You guys!!! Too many new photos and not enough time to make something with them. AND definitely not enough ideas on what to do with them! I think this is going to be the last one for a bit.

You better take it from me
That boy is like a disease
You’re running, you’re trying, you’re trying to hide
And you’re wondering why you can’t get free
He’s like a curse
He’s like a drug
You get addicted to his love
You wanna get out but he’s holding you down
‘Cause you can’t live without one more touch

He’s a good time cowboy casanova
Leaning up against the record machine
He looks like a cool drink of water
But he’s candy-coated misery
He’s the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you don’t want to fight
You better run for your life

Cowboy Casanova – Carrie Underwood. Me hearts this song. lol. Sorry Rob… but we should’ve all just steered clear of him. Our Robsession is so unhealthy. 😛 This is coming from someone who bought a five dollar, almost-300 paged magazine just for the 7-8 (12-13) pages of RPattz.. *shakes head* I’m going to refrain from watching anything Pattinson/New Moon related until Nov. 18th… ’cause I think that’s when he’s on Letterman… FOUR DAYS!

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