SAN FRANCISCO Flowerlounge

SAN FRANCISCO Flowerlounge
Event on 2017-07-25 18:00:00
It’s Time to Bloom! One-of-a-kind transformative gatherings in cities across the country.  Magical. Transformative. Profound.   A divine evening with flowers, authentic connections, elixirs, Wei of Chocolate dark chocolate, meditation, music, storytelling ~ and being seen and heard as the beautiful, powerful being that you are. Five specially selected flower elixirs - revealed at the event - for accelerated transformation and energetic impact in a signature combination for each geographical location. Space limited - sign up now! We sell out ~ and we sell out fast. For this special experience, we ask you to be there before doors close!   Doors open: 6pm Doors close: 6:30pm 6:30-8pm: Thunder Moon San Francisco Experience 8-9pm: Linger + Lounge, Flower Readings, Book Signings We can't wait to see you! xo

at Zaccho Dance Theatre
1777 Yosemite Ave
San Francisco, United States



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