Save the Ta-Tas

Save the Ta-Tas
Heart Disease
Save the Ta-Tas donates 5% of all sales to help fund breast cancer research. ON their website they say they’ve raise 7,000 so far.

They have women’s shirts with phrases like "Thanks For Noticing," "I Love My Big Ta-Tas," "I Love My Little Ta-Tas," "Caught You Lookin’ At My Ta-Tas," and "My Ta-Tas Have Fallen And They Can’t Get Up," among others. They have shirts for men too, with gems like "Save A Life Grope Your Wife."


An excerpt from their website (Source):

The Woman Behind Ta-Tas

Julia Fikse wants to save the ta-tas, including yours! Exposed to the effects of breast cancer at an early age when her grandmother lost both breasts to the disease, Fikse learned the value of accepting and loving oneself no matter your appearance.

After a second run-in with breast cancer in 2004 when another family member had a mastectomy and questioned her femininity, Fikse realized the importance of promoting self beauty and confidence in the hearts of women battling breast cancer. After 12 years as a fashion designer for brands like Levi’s, Gymboree and Adidas, she dedicated herself to making a difference by launching the cheeky t-shirt line ta-tas. Now that’s called using your assets.


Ta-Tas Brand Clothing
6731 Variel Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91303
(818) 676-0446

27th Annual Laughlin River Run
Laughlin, Nevada
April 23-26, 2009


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