Schools Lack Kids Exercise

When it comes to the education system in America, kids exercise is not usually a top priority. Recess is considered leisure time and not as important as subjects that expand the brain. Because of tighter budgets and low test scores, physical education is the first thing to get cut.

This isn't always true, though. There are plenty of schools that value physical education and their students get exercise every day. But then many other kids only have the subject occasionally, sometimes even just once every other week.

In 2002, a study observed 648 third grade physical education programs across America. On average, kids spent 2.1 days a week in PE class for just a little over an hour total. There's no guarantee that all this time was spent exercising as some kids slack and socialize instead of being active.

Thankfully, even if schools aren't stepping up to make sure kids exercise, there are other programs. One is known as Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously), created in 1989 by Len Saunders.

Project ACES organizes an event each May, where a specific day is designated to gets schools to take part in fun exercise. Schools all across the world exercise at the same time. Millions of children participate each year.

If you don't already know how much exercise your child gets each week at school, now is the time to find out. As their parent, you play a significant role in their health and well-being. If your kids aren't getting enough exercise as school, you'll have to make sure they're getting it at home. Or you can always try to get more physical education added to your school district. Either way, for children to grow up healthy, they need a lot of exercise.

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