Scream Techniques – 6 Tips To Help Your Powerful Screaming

The music genres of hardcore and metal have always asked more of vocalists ever since heavy music came to be. Guitarists and drummers continued to improve their skills as musicians and vocalists had no choice but to develop their voices into screams with new techniques.

Screaming might appear to be difficult in certain aspects, but by learning it correctly and safely, you can open a whole new world of possibilities to your music. Check out these screaming tips to help develop your techniques even better.

1. When your sick, it is no time to scream. Your body takes a lot of energy and rest in order to fight off the viruses that run around inside you, so when you put such a huge toll on it by practicing your screaming, you’re not helping it at all. Let your techniques rest for a couple days until you can fight off the sickness and then put screams back into business.

2. Some allergy sprays are not helpful for your vocals. If you have an allergy spray that you take in order to keep your sneezing and coughing under control, you may have trouble screaming due to its side effects. Take a look at some of the side effects on your allergy spray and if one of them has the tendency to swell your throat, it could be affecting the quality of your voice.

3. Know what your vocal range is. One of the ways that you can indirectly strengthen the power of your screams is to sing inside of your range. Learning to strengthen one part of your voice like your clean singing can have positive effects on the technique of your screaming.

4. Learn to have patience. It might seem like once you’re on a roll with your screaming technique everything should come quickly, but sometimes that’s not the case. Realize that your vocals are going to take time and hard work to develop and you may not see substantial improvement for months.

5. Drink water with honey. Sometimes you can blow out your voice and then you’ll be cursing yourself for the rest of the day. When this happens, squeeze some honey into a mug, stir in some hot water and sip for a few hours. You’ll be soothing your poor throat and getting your sugar for the day.

6. Bleeding throats mean hemorrhages. When you push your vocals too hard repeatedly, you can cause a terrible hemorrhage where your throat actually bleeds. If this happens, you need to rethink your screaming techniques and lay off your voice for at least a week to ensure proper healing takes place.

Screaming can have long-term damaging effects on your voice, but doing it the right way and safely can earn you great respect. Take these screaming tips into consideration and improve the quality of your technique for the better.

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