Second and First meeting

Second and First meeting
Critical Care
Eredaes was growing quite bored with the little trade down and she spent more time in the surrounding forest than within its walls, having decided it was nearly time to move on – though honestly she was loathe to do so without at least trying to find Justin before doing so. There were plenty of rumours flying about what happened in Letum, though that wasn’t the information she needed. They did speak of another place, a vale, that had promise. Or at the very least more people. Moving closer to the water, she knelt down and let her fingers trail through it, still pleased to see the taint that had been in Letum had not reached this far.

Justin left the tavern in search of a meal as the incredible hunger began stabbing at him. With a look of remorse he headed out into the night, unable to stop the pain and hunger that compelled him onwards. His thoughts raced as they often did and he came up with the idea of perhaps finding a thief or rapist on the outskirts of the town, someone the villagers would not mind finding mutilated the next day. As he rounded one of the bends in the road he happened to look up from his melancholy mood. There in the distance he saw a familiar sight, a refuge to the torture of his soul. Approaching quietly, his boots just skimming the edge of the fresh dewed ground he made his way to Ere..

Ashildr was just about to enter into meditation for the evening, where her kind find their rest that refreshes their mind, body and spirit, when she heard the movements that couldn’t be attributed to a forest animal. With her keen eyesight she was able to make out two figures in the distance. One she recognized as the male she met not too long ago, but the other she had not met before. Deciding it would be rude to stay and perhaps be accused of eavesdropping, she gathered her belongs, placing her pouch upon her hip and her Divine Staff between her shoulder blades, she moved closer. "Fine evening for a walk." she spoke gently. Then offered Justin a nod, if he noticed. "Greetings Justin." She turned to address the female and offered a respectful bow of her head, "Vedui.. I mean greetings to you."

Eredaes turned, not so much because of the noise Justin made as he approached, though her hearing was quite sound, but because of how the sounds of the forest seemed to somewhat stop given what a predator he was in his own right. She smiled when she saw him, though it was still edged with concern. Before she could greet him her attention was drawn to the winged figure that approached and her lips quirked a bit. "Greetings lady, it has been a long while since I ran into one of your kind." Her smile was warm as she took them both in, lingering on Justin for a moment. "I was actually looking for you, if I’m honest," she told him.

Justin stopped in his tracks as Ere turned around to greet he and Ashildr. He nodded a kind greeting to them both, yet his eyes remained fixated upon Ere, their iridescent glow alight in the last rays of dusk. Placing a hand to his chest he stammered to Ere’s statement, ”M-m-me? Yes?..You were looking for me?” His mind argued with him ‘don’t get your hopes up boy!’ it taunted. Lowering his gaze to the ground his shoulders slumped and he waited to see what it was she was seeking him for..

Ashildr stepped a bit closer since the aura surrounding the female brought comfort as her own does and happened to ease the uneasy feeling she experiences around an undead. With a gentle smile upon the corners of her soft lips, she turned to the female "You’re familiar with my kind? I have not met any outside of my community who are… except for dragons. I am Ashildr and I am very pleased to meet you." She looked to Justin as his posture changed from just a moment ago, studying him briefly then quietly waited for the female to introduce herself, if she was so inclined.

Eredaes pursed her lips faintly at Justin’s seeming surprise. "Yes, especially after how we left things, did you really think I wouldn’t try to find you again?" she inquired, narrowing her eyes at him briefly before she smiled again, though it turned a bit impish at the avariel’s words. "Ah, yes I am," she stated, though she seemed disinclined to offer explanation as to how that might be at the moment. She tipped her head to the woman. "I am called Eredaes, it’s a pleasure to meet you. It seems you and Justin already know one another?"

Justin rubbed the back of his neck with a calloused hand, feeling the stickiness of his blood sweat as it beaded on him. Why was it every time he was around Ere she made him feel nervous? Like a damn schoolboy. ‘get a grip Sorrow’ his inner voice called to him. And he coughed a few times before raising his pale blue eyes to meet the narrow stare of Ere. Glancing to Ashildr he nodded as Ere had asked if they knew one another already. He winced as yet another stabbing pain of hunger nearly buckled his knees and try as best as he could he waited though his insides were screaming ‘feed us goddammit!’

Ashildr offers another respectful bow of her head at Eredaes. "The pleasure is mine, I assure you. It isn’t every day I meet one who is similar to myself in one regard. Nor is it common for me to meet one who is familiar with my kind. I am honored." She motioned with her delicate hand in Justin’s direction then folded them in front of her. "Yes, Justin and I recently became acquainted. He was most kind to offer me some advice." purposefully leaving out the part where his advice was more of a warning than a welcoming. Her brows furrowed a bit as she looked to both Justin and Eredaes. "I fear I am intruding on your meeting. I had only came out from the thick of the woods when I spotted you and did not wish to seem rude and not introduce myself. I could find another quiet spot if you two wish to be alone…" she offered, ready to turn and head into the deep of the woods if the pair wished to be alone.

Eredaes smiled a little sadly at Ashildr, "I am all too familiar with that feeling," she told her, considering it was rare to find herself in the company of her own kind any longer. She opened her mouth to assure the avariel it was quite fine, after all, it did not sit well with her to send another out into the night, when she noticed Justin wince and she took the few steps separating them to come to his side, looking him over with a critical eye. "When have you last eaten?" she asked him, glancing at Ashildr, not knowing if the woman had any idea of what he was, or how she would feel about it.

Justin looked nervously in the direction of Ashildr then to Ere. Whispering softly to Ere, ”she doesnt know what creature I am..” And again he winced but this time was as if a thousand daggers tore at him and he went down on bended knee crying out, he grappled unthinking for Ere’s hands as he fell quite possibly knocking her off balance. His eyes glazed over and glowed a most unholy and un natural glow as they raised and fixated upon the avariel. ”help me..” he cried softly to her as his hands clung to Ere for dear life..

Ashildr remained quiet as Eredaes spoke then realized what was meant when the female asked Justin when was the last time he ate. It did not take Ashildr long at all to realize her uneasy feeling and his refusal to eat the proffered food when they met meant only one thing. Not knowing if he could control his thirst or even if she were in any danger, she unfolded her delicate hands and rested them casually at her sides, in case she needed to reach for her Divine Staff to call upon a protection spell for her and Eredaes. She carefully watched Justin fall to his knees and saw Eredaes close to him as he appeared to be struggling. Her vivid blue eyes widened with concern and would only react out of defense. Torn between compassion and safety she looked to Eredaes, "He needs help but I can not feed him."

Eredaes had half been expecting him to collapse, and though she was strong for her current size, he was still quite a bit larger so she simply supported Justin as best she could as she sank to her knees gracefully with him. "No, of course you can’t," she told Ashildr with a gentle smile, one hand resting on the top of Justin’s head, trying to soothe him, to try and at least keep him present and not crazed just yet. "Nor would I ask you to do so." If she seemed afraid, or concerned, she hid it quite well. Her hand slid from Justin’s head to the back of his neck, squeezing gently as she raised her other arm, wrist facing up. "You need to feed," she told him, glancing at the avariel. She was fairly confident she could put a stop to things herself before they got too out of control, and only hoped Ashildr wouldn’t try to just outright kill him if things got out of hand.

Justin sat crouch, arms wrapped tightly about his painful belly. He could hear the two women speak but was as if their words made no sense to him, all he could hear is their tones. Both women spoke softly but he sensed the avariel was alert to any actions he may or may not do towards them. He found solace in Ere touch and as she slid to the ground with him all he wanted to do was to hold her close and never let her go. Yet when she offered the slender alabaster wrist to him he shoved her arm away. ”D-do not ask me to do this to you..I can not damn you to a half mean too much to me..if I start to feed Ere I will not be able to stop until your heart has and I-I…care too much about you to do this.” He cried softly. The red streaks of blood tears fell from his unshaven cheeks onto the mossy grass as the crescent moon overhead illuminated the trio. ‘You fool!’ the inner voice of him spat vile at him ‘she’s offering you food! fuck this! kill her, kill the avariel! kill them both! be done with this! do it boy! do it!’ And with a loud scream Justin cried out ”Noooooo!" and he attempted to shove Ere away and looked to Ashildr. ”Get her out of here! Leave you both now!" and as quickly as he could he raced off into the forest primeval

Ashildr watched just long enough at the scene before her as Eredaes offered Justin support. "I could fetch a sizable animal if needed. Tell me how I can help?" She reached into her pouch and pulled out a linen bandage and quickly moved to the water’s edge to soak the cloth. Unable to use Holy Water as she would normally do, she hoped the water she collected was clean as she couldn’t purify it either. Moving just close enough to Eredaes to offer the cool, wet cloth she began to look around for any nocturnal animal she could spot with her keen eyesight. Then without so much as a warning, Justin screamed and began to move. Quick as she could, the cloth was dropped from her delicate hands and she stretched out her pristine white wings and flapped them hard, pulling herself back out of the way. Before reaching for her Divine Staff to cast a protection spell, instead of attacking, she noticed Justin running away. Landing gracefully and quickly tucking her wings against her back she reached a hand for Eredaes. "Are you alright? Did he harm you?"

Eredaes was just about to insist that he bloody well would drink, and to trust her, when suddenly he shoved her and was off in a flash. Again. "Son of a bitch, Justin. Not again," she muttered and when she looked up from where she had crumpled when he shoved her, her eyes had changed, no longer even remotely human and with a huff she arched her back slightly as wings appeared, as well a delicate horns and a decidedly wicked looking tail. She got to her feet, shaking her self out as her wings stretched behind her. "I am fine, he was trying to do the opposite, but we aren’t doing this again. I’m going after him, I would understand if you chose not to join me."

Ashildr reached down to pick up the dropped cloth and replace it within her pouch. She pauses as she looks up and sees Eredaes’ wings and horns and even more of the puzzle makes sense. Standing upright as she regains her own composure she offers a nod and a gentle smile. "Now I see why you knew of my kind." She smooths her hands down her gown then looks towards the direction Justin ran off . "He has to be more than a mile away, I can see that far and I do not see him. We should take to the air to spot him better if he is running."

Eredaes gave Ashildr a smile, despite what they were currently dealing with. "I know of many kinds," she assured her with a wink and then huffed, shaking her head, her grin turning predatory – though truly, she had no intention of harming Justin when she tracked his ass down. "That was the plan, sister," she told her before giving a strong flap of her great wings and lifted into the air, darting deeper into the forest after Justin.

Justin ran as fast and as far as he could, not knowing where or when he would stop. All he knew was he wanted as far away from Ere as he could get, not because he didnt wish her company but to protect her from himself. He rounded the edge of a clearing in the forest and came upon a herd of wild deer as they grazed in the moonlight. His instincts took over and without thinking he dove for one of the beast, ripping and gnashing his fangs at it. The animal fell quickly and died ever quicker as he gorged himself on its lifes blood. His hair , face and clothing was soaked in its crimson fluid and over head he thought he could hear wing beats. Looking skyward, against the black velvet of the night sky he thought he could make out two shapes moving at hast in his direction.

Ashildr stretched her pristine white wings out and took to the sky, quickly following behind Eredaes. Darting around trees then up over them as she flew as fast as her wings could carry her. Her keen eyesight scanned the forest carefully while still keeping Eredaes within her sight as the dragon was ahead.

Eredaes raced through the forest, dodging trees, violet eyes glowing softly as she scanned the ground. Finally, she spotted him and what was left of the deer. With a huff, she changed course and as he looked to the sky, not only would he see two figures approaching but the one in the lead would be barreling down on him before Eredaes quite literally slammed into him with momentum on her side and they landed in a heap, with her on top. Pale hands hit his shoulders, sharp nails – more like claws – holding onto them as she straddled him and glared down at him. "Stop running from me!" she hissed at him, glowing eyes meeting his.

Justin fell with a thud as Ere crashed into him knocking him backwards and onto his back, he could feel her talons as they held him still under her and opening his eyes he looked upwards into her violet orbs. Without thinking he reached a hand upwards in an attempt to pull her down onto him more, his hands roughly caressing her. He pressed his blood soaked mouth to her white skin and kissed her full and deeply. His tongue pressing past her full lips and deep into her mouth, where it gently moved it in a slow and rhythmic motion. His ears picked up the winged flapping of the avariel as she approached but he took no shame in kissing Ere in front of the creature. He saw Ere had changed, the demure creature he had come to know was like a goddess, her white leather wings shimmering in the moonlight..

Ashildr had come close behind Eredaes, hovering in the night air as she watched the dragon tackle Justin with great force landing on top of him. As soon as she saw Justin wrap his hand around Eredaes and pull her into a kiss, she moved back enough to give the two some privacy as she could tell by the dead deer that Justin’s thirst was taken care of. She would not leave, though, in case she was needed and to make sure everyone was safe.

Eredaes wasn’t certain what she had expected after tackling him as she had, but it certainly hadn’t been that kiss. She growled softly against his mouth as she returned the kiss, fingers tightening on his shoulders, though even now she was careful to not let them pierce the leather covering tender flesh. Finally though, it was both the need for air and the memory they were not alone, that had her drawing back. She still looked angry and flushed as she glared down at him. "Stop trying to protect me and let me help you for once," she muttered and finally released her grip on his shoulders and sat back. Her tail flicked, though the sharp tip did not come close enough to actually strike Justin, though it clearly spoke of a certain amount of irritation. "I haven’t revealed myself without a second thought like that in a long time." She craned her head slightly to look up at Ashildr still hovering nearby and then it seemed to occur to her that she was likely covered in blood. She wiped a hand across her face, more out of respect for the avariel than anything.

Justin smiled as he watched Ere talk to Ashildr, his hand still playing gently caressing her hip as she sat upright. The hunger for food was satisfied but Ere had awaken in him a feeling he never experienced before and it was much more pleasant that any feeding. Casually he reached a bloodstained hand to her white wing and traced fingertips lovingly down their folds. He whispered to her, ”why didnt you tell me?” His face smiling at the amazing discovery he witnessed.

Ashildr looked around a bit, allowing the two some privacy as they kissed. Once Eredaes spoke, she landed gracefully and tucked her pristine white wings tightly against her back. "I only followed to make sure you are alright Justin." She reached into her pouch and found the wet cloth to offer it to Eredaes to wipe her face, if she so chose to do so. Whispering gently, "…you might need this.." and held out the cloth in her hand.

Eredaes huffed at Justin again, obviously trying to hold onto her ire, though he was making it difficult. "It’s not exactly something I just lead with, it tends to get the villagers out with their torches and pitchforks." She shrugged, taking the cloth with a quiet thank you and using it to wipe her face clean, as well as her hands. Once that was taken care of, before offering it back to Ashildr, she passed a hand over it, her eyes unfocusing for a moment, and the item the avariel received back was as clean as it had been when she offered it. "Thank you," she said again, "It is not often those you just meet are willing to stand at your side in such a manner." She returned her sharp gaze to Justin. "No more running; you can’t just sprint into the forest, I am deeply exhausted of our meetings ending in that manner."

Justin chucked under her as he listened and he threw his hands skywards, the deers blood dripping off them onto his blood smeared face. ”God Almighty! Thank you! Thank you for sending me these wonderful creatures!" Quickly but gently attempting to push Ere off his lap he stood and reached to give her a quick hug of happiness. Turning on boot heel he went to hug Ashildr when he looked at her white gown, wings, hair and skin then at his blood soaked self and thought better of it. Grinning sheepishly he took a step back and did his best to smooth his appearance though what a sight he must have been..

Ashildr took the cleaned cloth with a respectful nod of her head and tucked it back into her pouch. "My pleasure, again." Then looked to Justin, "I had little intention of abandoning one who seemed to be in need." She offered a gentle smile as Justin took a step closer, though she was not one for physical affection but would not show it on her face. As soon as he didn’t hug her, she was relieved. Nodding, "I am glad you are better." she said gently as she looked to Justin.

Eredaes allowed the hug quite readily enough, returning it and holding onto him for a moment before she let go as he drew back. She looked around the part of the forest they found themselves in and seemed to consider for a moment. The matter that had driven them out here had not been resolved, but with the presence of the deer it could at least be put off, for the time being. "So," she began, looking between the two of them, intending to include Ashildr in her plan, the avariel having earned some of her loyalty now as far as she was concerned. "There is little going on in these parts beyond the coming and goings of traders and travelers. I am bored, there is not much to be done or to be had here, it is never meant to be more than a way point unless you happen to call it home. I have spoken to some of the travelers and they speak of another place, Mooncrest Vale. I’m of a mind to make my way there." She looked to Justin. "I had hoped I could convince you to join me, you’re more likely to find any answers you seek there." She then turned her gaze to Ashildr. "And I would invite you to join us as well, unless you have come to this village for some specific purpose."

Justin listened as Sio spoke and quickly went to the carcass of the deer. Kneeling he pulled off his back a hunting knife and a satchel lined with membrane. With skill and speed he butchered the meat from the fallen animal in hopes of selling its meat at market and to try and not let the creature go to waste. ”Mooncrest Vale you say?, ” he spoke to Ere and then glanced to Ashildr in hopes her expression might recognize the name, ”never heard of it but sure, Im game for an adventure.” Cleaning his face and hands as best he could in the dew soaked grass he loaded his pack and went to stand by the two women..

Ashildr smoothed her hands over her pouch then rested them casually at her sides. She glanced to the dead deer and wondered if any druids would take care of the remains but watched as Justin did exactly that. Then turned her attention to Eredaes. "I knew this was a trade town but knew little more than that. I have no real reason to remain here, and do look forward to something more…permanent." Her expression was tender as her voice was gentle. "There would be little for me to do here, other than perhaps offer prayers now and again to those who request it. But I was hoping to find a place I could offer my services on a more regular basis." She smiled gently and nodded. "Mooncrest Vale, you say? When do we depart?"

Eredaes waited until Justin was situated with the field dressing of the deer and then nodded when both seemed intent on joining her in the journey, rather glad they had both agreed to do so. "I need to go take care of something quickly, and then we can be on our way and decide if we wish to walk or fly." She winked with a grin, her wings already started to beat, lifting her to hover off the ground a few inches. "I will meet you both at the gate which leads out past the graveyard, it is down that road we will need to travel to reach this vale. There should be others on their way there as well, it is apparently a port." She glided closer to Justin for a moment, holding his gaze. "I will hunt you down again if you are not waiting there for me within the hour." She caressed his cheek and smiled gently before turning to Ashildr. "And you as well if I must, since I would assume some ill had befallen you and I would not let that stand. I will see you both again soon and we will depart."

Justin smiled gently to Ere as she spoke to him and nodded in agreement. Turning to Ashildr he whispered from the side of his hand grinning ,”She’s a dragon, best not to piss her off..” And he shifted the pack on his back and went to gather what few items he wished to take upon his journey within the hour

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