Self Love Yoga | Full Class | Yoga With Adriene



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    • avatar Emily 2

      I enjoyed this practice so much! All of the transitions were so fun and creative yet still challenging. I loved looking up every so often and seeing what Benji was doing. At one point he was behind you looking out the window very attentively, and it was precious. Anyway, it's amazing that you're stressing the importance of self love. Hopefully with your help, more and more people will realize how crucial it is to living a happy life. Namaste. <3

      • avatar Sam 1

        one of my favourite practices to date. I will definitely be returning to this video regularly. I've found what feels good ☺️

        • avatar Αθηνά Μεζαμίνη 1

          I love you Adriene!I love myself!I love you all! Namaste ^_^

          • avatar enya al 1

            Hi Adriene, I love love your videos and I've been practicing for nearly 3 months daily!! Could you possibly do some videos for the more advanced poses especial involving back bends etc. as I would love to push myself slightly more

            • avatar Courtney Lake 1

              I just want to thank you for your videos. I’ve recently started taking care of my self and my mental health (anxiety and depression) for the first time in years and your videos are a huge part of my recovery. Your spirit is so positive and you have a great sense of humour. Your videos feel so warm and welcoming, so I just want to say thank you. You’ve greatly impacted my life in the few weeks since I discovered your channel. Thank you for being you!

              • avatar Sam Jones 1

                In my Apartment todaaaay'. Felt a lot of heat energy from my stomach and chest move, releasing some subtle tensions that I maybe wasn't aware of…Loved this practice! Thanks Adrian! Lots of love!

                Ps. thanks for your humor, I am reminded todayof stillness AND sillyness. :)

                • avatar Elizabeth Berlasso 1

                  You are a treasure to the world of yoga, Adriene.  Keep up the fabulous work you're doing!  This practice today brought together the philosophy of self love that isn't very often spoken about and you are spot-on.  Thank you <3

                  • avatar Kay Byrne 1

                    Exactly what I needed as usual…Always beautiful!! TY Adriene! You're fantastic!!

                    • avatar Anne Broers 1

                      Challenging times for me with the passing of my Father. This is just what I needed! Thank you Adriene. Namaste!

                      • avatar Lauren Brown 1

                        did this practice in my tiny dorm room while taking a break from studying for my finals. exactly what i needed, thank you.

                        • avatar evelyn 1

                          Such a beautiful sequence that effortlessly brought me back into my body. Your guidance is so easy to follow; I hardly had to look at the video (well, except for Benji – he's too adorable not to 😊). I felt very connected to my Inner Being with this sequence and was feeling so bliss & high off life after this sequence. I'll definitely be doing this again. Thank you for being so kind and giving so generously, but above all, thank you for reminding us that love starts within. Infinite Blessings 💖🕉💚🌞💐