September Teacher Training Series #1 Ojai CA

September Teacher Training Series #1 Ojai CA
Event on 2017-09-23 09:30:00
The Breath Center Teacher Training Series #1, taught by Michael Brian Baker, is open to those interested and passionate about personal growth such as life coaches, yoga teachers, massage/physical therapists, counselors, entrepreneurs, athletes, medical doctors, alternative health practitioners, artists, business leaders, everyday people who seek to improve their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health, those who wish to begin to immerse themselves in the art of pranayama facilitation, and successful “Arts Practitioners” who wish to add this modality to their repertoire.  This is an introduction to the history and highest and best practices of the origin and facilitation of breath work. Subjects covered include: Optimized Self Care for Empaths Grounding & Shielding Facilitation, Documentation, and Internal Reflection around the Process and Teachings of the Origin Energies of Shakti Emotional Intelligence and Intimacy through Trust Tools to Understand and Breakthrough Creative Blockages South American Teachings Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Sound and Frequency Integration  Sharing Heart Based Services Sustainably Vedic History of Pranayama Practices Developing a Personal practice Working with Others Body Languaging Socratic Communication Personal Transformation Neuroscience ...and much more Teacher Training Series #1 is for beginners and experienced participants, who know we are always beginners. Attendees will leave with a solid foundation for creating a professional practice based on service, humility and responsible daily activity. Please Note, All Military Active and Non Active Recieve Free Admission with Proper Military ID Location: The Ojai Valley has long been reputed as a safe haven for healers and artists to live and be supported in a tranquil environment where non-judgment, mutual respect and appreciation of diversity reigns supreme! This offering is but "just one" of this valleys most powerful transmissions of the peace and healing that this land has to offer. This is a 2 day event, each day starting at 930am and ending at 530pm with a lunch break midday. Address and a list of our favorite Ojai restaurants & hotels will be sent upon payment confirmation. Payment plans are available, please contact Michael at 310-592-7201 or at for more details. To avoid Eventbrite Fees, please contact us directly before you make your purchase. With love, Michael Brian Baker & The Breath Center Team

at Ojai Center For The Arts
113 South Montgomery Street
Ojai, United States



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