Session 2: What Do All The Numbers Mean?

Session 2: What Do All The Numbers Mean?
Event on 2017-08-15 17:45:00
In the second session of TheStudio, South Redlands DAY ONE SERIES of workshops, What do the Numbers All Mean?, we are going to figure out all of the numbers that have been plaguing your calorie counting minds for long enough!  We will show you how to easily calculate how much protein you really should be eating (it’s way less than you think), and What do the Numbers All Mean? will give you a personalized heart rate range so you know exactly how hard you are working while you exercise.  You will learn what the safe ranges are for both men and women regarding calorie intake and why anything less is actually detrimental to your wellness goals.  This session will even touch on what all of those numbers mean on your favorite cardio machine at your gym when it asks you to enter your age and weight.  If you enjoy the treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber then you know exactly what I mean.     Now, if you aren’t a math person, don’t freak out about this session.  I promise it is easy-peasy.  Just bring your smart phone or a good ol’ fashion calculator and you are set to go!!  And, honestly, you don’t even need those.  You will be given the equations and will be shown exactly how to use them.  You can either do them with us, or you can take them home and figure them out in the comfort of your own home.  There isn’t a test at the end of this, so you can do whatever works for you. Come to this session relaxed and ready to learn some really interesting facts about what your bodies needs truly are.  No more guessing if you’re working hard enough or eating too many or too few calories.   TheStudio, South Redlands is looking forward to hosting you for the second session in our “DAY ONE SERIES” of workshops, so come be with us.  You will be so glad you did!! CHECK-IN 5:45 pm

at Mitten Building (near Redlands Mall)
345 No 5th Street
Redlands, United States

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