Shrink Wrap Pain

Shrink Wrap Pain
Back Pain
It's officially called "freezing rain." You know -- it falls as liquid, then turns to solid ice when it hits the ground and other surfaces. I call it "shrink wrap," because of the way it encases tree branches, handrails, and anything else in its path.

This morning, before dawn, I took the dog on the regular walk around the block. It was raining a little then, but no problems. An hour later, I stepped out our back door. The concrete steps looked pretty normal beneath my feet, but no -- they were encased in icy shrink wrap! Down I went, all the way to the sidewalk below!

Because I spun when I fell, it was my chest that took most of the impact, on the edge of a step. No other injuries to speak of, but boy, does it hurt!

A painful story for a Sunday Selfie!



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