1. Banglaroad Banglaroad

    elevated PSA doesn't mean you have cancer…..ask your doctor "why do I have high PSA level when I don't have cancer?" they not able to answer ………..so the whole PSA level test is bullshit………

  2. R McGee R McGee


  3. Solomon Pilot Solomon Pilot


  4. C MJ C MJ

    That is it, I have other health issues and I am not interested in being screened for PC. I don't want to be caught in that web of trying to convince my doctor that I don't have PC. More than likely I have BPH. I have Inflammatory Bowel disease so needless to say I don't want to risk a biopsy. In people like me it could cause a fistula or sepsis due to being on immune suppressants. even though my doctor knows this he is insisting on PSA testing for me. I DONT WANT IT. I need to find a new doctor. Oh, I don't have any family members that have had PC, so I am in low risk. I am 48 years old and that is the only reason I can think of that my doctor wants to screen me.

  5. Joe Smith Joe Smith

    Just to say this was a wonderful, easy to understand presentation. Congrats and thanks to Dr. Litwin and Steve Garvey. Bravo!

  6. IronicallyVague IronicallyVague

    Video synopsis…

    Don't be afraid little fly…Come land on my web and rest your tired wings

  7. A Ramirez A Ramirez

    Use Apifiny!

  8. J Boogie J Boogie

    To be educated racially is a constant insult to injury, because it's a reality that no on lives forever, we all are going to die from something.. But, now in 2016; just for sociological and psychological realism, why not address these disease or remedies with a civil approach, rather than a constant racial divide.. There's not one major illness or deadly disease that doesn't get attached to the African American Culture. Even though everyone else is dying from the same illnesses, but the white dominate society has to always say, "This sickness unfortunately is more aggressive within the African American Community"… When it comes to sickness and death relating to disease control; then we all agree "BlackLivesMatter".. BUT, contrary to this educational briefing on prostate cancer, and this black racial stigma, we all need to be aware of our wellness and health… This is not the first time where blacks will not receive the same treatment as whites, and they want to blame it now on DNA, its just more sophisticated and psychological enslavement towards blacks. We all need to be tested or educated regarding men health and risk… I just can't get over the fact that race has to be played into every aspect of this country, and it's always the blacks that psychologically gets the pressure put on them… SMH! TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH, LEAVE RACISM OUT OF IT, AND KNOW WE ALL ARE OF ONE RACE….HUMAN RACE….. JLwjr

  9. Mazot Hortlak Mazot Hortlak

    hey Steve Garvey, shut da fuk up, and tell us about your symptoms, how did it start, what you felt! Why talk about bunch of bullshit for half an hour! Who da fuk has the time to listen to you talking about nothing?

  10. suedeslounge suedeslounge

    How are these guys not familiar with the work done by Dean Ornish in reversing indolent prostate cancer through diet? Prostate cancer is virtually non-existent in low meat/diary eating countries. South-central Asia has rates below 10 per 100,000.

  11. Jarrad Hurley Jarrad Hurley


  12. Pete Kiryluk Pete Kiryluk

    80% of males live with thi s"what medieval medicine calls cancer" for 30 years after diagnosis. For most males for it to kill them he would have to be like 126 years old. He is not giving you all the facts this is sad. I mean he is from his tough point of view to the best of HIS own learned repeated knowledge. He could also shine some light on the "how of the testing" which he won't. If you remove it, within 5 years you will have clinical depression, as it produces 50 chemical compounds multiple class 3 drugs, and hormones. Out of all the cancer diagnosis, only 10% is actually cancer, as the tests are beyond primitive bs. Is there cancer sure, caused by radiation dna damage. But 90% is not. Whatever you do, DO NOT CUT OUT your prostate, it is what makes your mind what it is. You will lose the ability of spacial awareness and the male ability to solve complex puzzles. I can tell you so much, show you 300 studies of things you should know but do not because no female teacher has ever taught it or cared enough to learn about the male reproductive system. If you want to understand the damaging effects of removing your prostate because of a "hunch its cancer" and not just inflammation caused by years of edging or the countless ways to mess it up. EEHHH this is a comment box so much to say, not enough space. Learn about the chemicals found in your SEMEN, then learn how female and male minds differ because of these chemicals, including 3 anti-depressants. Don't cut it out, fix it, and radiation for cells that got that way because of radiation is beyond retarded. Radiation Therapy is absolutely useless shit doctors pedal because some told them it works. It doesn't! On 2 types of cancer it extends the life of the person by 1 month again only on 2 types. Its not this kind anyway. UV would work better if doctors cared about electronics to learn the crossover science. All I want guys to know is that you live in a period of medical science that is almost medieval, when it comes to "understanding cancer" or more like calling everything that looks off cancer. Be your own SCIENTIST, use the box you're reading this message on to learn about the reality the "science" about the male gender no doctor presents to you. You should also learn about how they "find that is it cancer" your mind will be blown. Again only 10% of cancer "cases" are actual cancer, this is a fact only smart people who care about how everything around them functions understand. I hope you will too, by taking the time to learn about your own body before cutting parts off, on whimsical talking points. Don't be a grammar nazi it's a text box, not an essay.

  13. sanna khan sanna khan

    i have a boyfriend but i dont he have sick also that prostate cancer but i want to know how to make he's what is a symtoms of prostate canser…plsss i want to know for my boyfriend

  14. John Wick John Wick

    If or when I get cancer I'm smoking cannabis 24/7… fuck it I'm gonna start now!

  15. Jimmy Moonshine Jimmy Moonshine

    What happens if you have a small penis; can you still get prostate cancer? I have a really small bean penis; so I'm afraid of the Doctor seeing my small pee pee? I would probably wait till the prostate gland is the size of a fucking watermelon before I get checked! I'd drag that bitch in a stroller and call it my grandson, before I get checked out! Fuck that shat!!! I'll make sure it's cancer before I expose my small penis! Is there a small penis test for prostate cancer?

  16. Giacomo Ferrario Giacomo Ferrario

    I loved going to school at UCLA but, AS A PATIENT I WOULD RATHER HAVE A BULLET SHOT IN TO MY HEAD THAN GO TO UCLA…I had a Melanoma Cancer Surgery at UCLA and EVERY doctor I saw after said, 'DID A DRUNK SAILOR CUT IN TO YOU???' I also got a MRSA INFECTION AND WAS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM 3 TIMES AFTER SURGERY!!! fact. UCLA sucks. How many Patients do you people KILL?????? Assholes.


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