Signs of Autism in Toddlers Can Be Identified Years Before a Doctor Will Make Diagnosis

Identifying the signs of autism in toddlers can be one of those pinnacle moments for a parent in their child’s life. Doctors typically won’t diagnose any autistic behavior until the child has reached at least 3 or 4 years of age. When it comes to treating autism, the earlier you start, the more successful it will be. The problem is that autistic behavior can be seen in children within the first year. As a parent, you should look out for these signs immediately. If you assume your child is autistic, when they really aren’t, is negligible. Assuming your child is normal, when they really have autism, can be a life-changing event. The earlier you identify the signs of autism in toddlers, the sooner you can treat it.

It is important to note that autism is a spectrum disorder that affects many different aspects of a child. The first is their senses, which can be difficult for them to properly interpret. The second is communication and relating skills. Lastly, it is this desire they have for repetitive behaviors and motions. These are very generalized because they can encompass a lot of different areas. You can have an autistic child that is a smooth talker and another that can’t even speak words. All children seem to display unique characteristics, so you should be aware of the general areas they come from.

The signs of autism in toddlers being quite early and can be seen within the first year. If this is your first child, you may not pick up on the differences between regular babies. The first thing to understand is that most babies can reciprocate body language and hold eye contact. If you go up to a baby and give a big smile, they’ll most likely smile back. They’ll also look you right in the eyes. With autistic behavior, the baby will most likely not reciprocate a smile. You’ll smile at them and they’ll just have a blank look on their face. Often, they won’t even make eye contact with you.

More signs of autism in toddlers will involve the senses. As an autistic child, they have a very difficult time interpreting multiple senses at the same time, as well as properly interpreting the senses. The best way to help you understand is with an example. Have you ever watched television that you were so engaged in that you didn’t hear someone say your name? It has happened to me and I’m sure it happened to you. Basically you’re so focused on the visual of the television, you don’t interpret any other senses. The same is true for autistic children. Imagine if your toddler was playing with some toes and you made a loud clapping sound behind them. Most children would notice it and probably cry. Your child would probably not even notice it.

These are some of the great signs of autism in toddlers. It is important to understand that some children develop a little slower than others. This is why doctors don’t do diagnosis until at least 3 or 4 years. A lot of children might start out with these characteristics, but eventually grow out of them.

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