Sip & Become ( Los Angeles)

Sip & Become ( Los Angeles)
Event on 2017-08-26 13:00:00
The "Sip & Become" Event will be hosted by Author/Philanthropist, Nyeesha D. Williams.Nyeesha D. Williams is a Newark,N.J native who has traveled world-wide, empowering women and children through her Victim to Victor approach.In 2015, Nyeesha released her first 3 part biographical poetry book that helped her heal from childhood and adulthood traumas. Nyeesha realized facing her truth was the only way she could propel into her true greatness.Additional Information: www.NyeeshaWilliams.comThis event brings all women from different backgrounds together to form what she calls a Universal Sisterhood. This sisterhood forces us to become more accountable of our sisters who sit/stand right next to us. During these 3 hours you will partake in a three parted workshop which includes;-Unlimited Red/white wine, soda and tea-One main entree served -A complimentary book *signed copies are not promised-Personal Art Canvas-KleenexLastly; the feeling of knowing you are loved unconditionally by friends and strangers, but most importantly leaving the event loving yourself much more. YOU WILL BECOME!Workshop BreakdownSip & Write – Wine and Reality.Excerpt: “ If you are afraid to write it, THATS A GOOD SIGN. I suppose you are writing the TRUTH WHEN YOU ARE TERRIFIED." – yrsa daley-ward, “Bone” [RELEASE]Sip & Visualize – Wine and Self-actualization.Self-ac*tu*al*i*za*tion : The realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone. [TRANSFORM]Sip & Own it (Spoken Confirmation) – Wine, Kleenex and Acceptance.Excerpt: “I seen God the moment I looked in the mirror with all three eyes”- Nyeesha D. Williams, “Herstorys” [MANIFEST] *All tickets are non-refundableJoin our Facebook Family:

at Good Life Hypnotherapy
18719 Calvert St
Reseda, United States

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