Sir Joseph Noel Paton (1821-1901) – “A Dream of Latmos”

Sir Joseph Noel Paton (1821-1901) – “A Dream of Latmos”
Eyes Vision
"Endymion sleeps. Upon his upturned brow,
The gift of Jupiter – eternal youth
Lies fresh as leves that look upon the spring
But one day old. And his sleep heavy eyes
Are closed and all is silence, save the heart
That still is beating ruddy strokes of life,
For that fair vision ond that one desire
To shape itself and light up all his soul.
There is no stir on Latmos; every star
Can hear him breathing; for they too have seen
The dream beneath his eyelids".

Alex Anderson Surfaceman.

The shepherd, Endymion, fell asleep on Mount Latmos. He was of such beauty that the passing moon, falling in love with him, cast him into everlasting sleep in order to preserve his beauty for ever.

According to his journals, Paton worked on the present picture from December 1878 until 13 January 1879 when he broke off due to illness. The work was completed in time for exhibition at the Scottish Royal Academy in 1880. Paton’s son, Frederick, was the model for Endymion.

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