1. najia nasir najia nasir

    hahahahah. lol.. malaysia are like this..

  2. Lizzy Sam Lizzy Sam

    Cambodia also like this too

  3. polkadottedcat polkadottedcat

    wait, if this isn't common in south korea, how do they do it then? right at the salon sink? no massage?

  4. Jia wei Leong Jia wei Leong

    HAHAHAHAHA I'm from malaysia and I'm about to visit taiwan and i saw this so i decided to click and see whats so special and i was like ????? this is the only way no? :'D

  5. 1qazwas21 1qazwas21

    Damn, now I really want to go to a hair salon or get a massage in general…sigh why did I watch this…xD

  6. Zouk Penne Zouk Penne

    I have quite long hair, about 60cm I think long (23-24 inches), would it be able to stand up? 😛

  7. Norlia Ismail Norlia Ismail

    the shampoo massage is common in Sarawak too. It is so refreshing as always get my massage everytime I visit my usual hairdresser. BTW, I just love this particular BT ..both of them are so funny and entertaining.

  8. Najib Hr Najib Hr

    It is common in south africa tho.. Wth

  9. qurdsida shajhah qurdsida shajhah

    Malaysia also have and im a hairstylist 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  10. blackpearl yulk blackpearl yulk

    Clicked this vid right away when I saw Shin young on battle trip…. but closed it down right after i saw shindong and after i type this comment lol he's sooooooo annoying mygahhhh

  11. Annie Nguyen Annie Nguyen

    Many other Asian countries do this tho?? Vietnam, Malaysia, etc

  12. W'Pooh W'Pooh

    Indonesia wash hair like this too.. It common in indonesia

  13. WinWinisacutieanddeserveslove WinWinisacutieanddeserveslove

    They have this in Vietnam too???

  14. Luv. Jancurma Luv. Jancurma

    They do this in Cambodia too. I guess it Southeast Asia is common. Nothing special😒

  15. slipper09 slipper09

    haha.. i thought i was the only one..while watching the shampoo part.the salon here does that..guess its true..its common in SEA countries..the thing is..its so common that people never thought it will be a tourist attraction..huhu..guess its different for taiwan n SK.

  16. maddies85 maddies85

    It is so common in Malaysia. Wash and blow or wash and iron. South Korea salon don't have this? lol.

  17. Run Fransisco Run Fransisco

    i find it weird when i try first time in taiwan, but in Indonesia (my hometown) they don't do that


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