Sit down shampoo massage that only exists in Taiwan [Battle Trip / 2017.05.28]

Sit down shampoo massage that only exists in Taiwan [Battle Trip / 2017.05.28]



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    • avatar najia nasir 1

      hahahahah. lol.. malaysia are like this..

      • avatar Lizzy Sam 1

        Cambodia also like this too

        • avatar polkadottedcat 2

          wait, if this isn't common in south korea, how do they do it then? right at the salon sink? no massage?

          • avatar Jia wei Leong 1

            HAHAHAHAHA I'm from malaysia and I'm about to visit taiwan and i saw this so i decided to click and see whats so special and i was like ????? this is the only way no? :'D

            • avatar 1qazwas21 1

              Damn, now I really want to go to a hair salon or get a massage in general…sigh why did I watch this…xD

              • avatar Zouk Penne 1

                I have quite long hair, about 60cm I think long (23-24 inches), would it be able to stand up? :P

                • avatar Norlia Ismail 1

                  the shampoo massage is common in Sarawak too. It is so refreshing as always get my massage everytime I visit my usual hairdresser. BTW, I just love this particular BT ..both of them are so funny and entertaining.

                  • avatar Najib Hr 1

                    It is common in south africa tho.. Wth

                    • avatar qurdsida shajhah 2

                      Malaysia also have and im a hairstylist 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

                      • avatar blackpearl yulk 1

                        Clicked this vid right away when I saw Shin young on battle trip…. but closed it down right after i saw shindong and after i type this comment lol he's sooooooo annoying mygahhhh

                        • avatar Annie Nguyen 2

                          Many other Asian countries do this tho?? Vietnam, Malaysia, etc

                          • avatar W'Pooh 1

                            Indonesia wash hair like this too.. It common in indonesia

                            • avatar WinWinisacutieanddeserveslove 1

                              They have this in Vietnam too???

                              • avatar Luv. Jancurma 2

                                They do this in Cambodia too. I guess it Southeast Asia is common. Nothing special😒

                                • avatar slipper09 1

                                  haha.. i thought i was the only one..while watching the shampoo part.the salon here does that..guess its true..its common in SEA countries..the thing is..its so common that people never thought it will be a tourist attraction..huhu..guess its different for taiwan n SK.

                                  • avatar maddies85 2

                                    It is so common in Malaysia. Wash and blow or wash and iron. South Korea salon don't have this? lol.

                                    • avatar Run Fransisco 2

                                      i find it weird when i try first time in taiwan, but in Indonesia (my hometown) they don't do that