1. Madison Hert Madison Hert

    I have never really struggled with acne until more recently when it has become pretty bad and I feel kind of lost as to how to take care of my skin at this point.  I have no idea what products to even start with and these TULA products look perfect! I have followed your channel for a couple of years now and I just wanted to thank you for your quality videos and your inspiring attitude!

  2. Jacqui Dykstra Jacqui Dykstra

    I have always struggled with my skin. I have tried every product from cheap to way over priced. I have not found anything that works for me. I am dying to try these products!

  3. G Caban G Caban

    Loved the video. I too was skeptical when I first heard about Tula but after I saw Rachel Barkules review on her blog I bought the discovery kit as a trial and I couldn't agree more with you. In middle and high school I rarely broke out and had smooth skin, a couple of years ago I started to feel roughness on my skin and saw her blog review and tried it. It honestly worked for me and I have super dry sensitive skin. So glad you discovered this brand!!!

    I think it's great you've teamed up with Tula!

  4. Candise Forde Candise Forde

    This system sounds fantastic! I'd love to try it, I'm an environmental specialist for my state and I constantly outside sweating and in direct sunlight. And need some help !

  5. j gober j gober

    I stumbled across your channel a couple weeks ago trying to get new fitness ideas. I believe great skincare is the basis of everything. Feeling great in your skin I think makes you feel so much better about yourself and it helps you not to care so about much weight you might have to lose.

  6. Rachelle Lebold Rachelle Lebold

    I have struggled on and off with acne ever since middle school As an adult now it is one of the most frustrating things I deal with. I've been on acutane and other things for my acne and thought I would finally beat it but I haven't. Would love to try these products because a) it would help me to try out an actual routine, b) I'm desperate to find something that works and c) I'm freshly out of college and don't have the budget currently to buy this stuff. I'm really just looking for something to help clear my skin so I can be my confident self again. (prettyinpink.cutiepie@gmail.com)

  7. Holly Hewitt Holly Hewitt

    I'd love to give these products a try. Ever since having my son my hormones have been on crazy overdrive!

  8. Alexandra Ibarra Alexandra Ibarra

    I have constantly spent endless amounts of money with tons of skin care products!!! I am so tired and just want something that makes me feel young and beautiful! As I get older my skin is my major concern as far as taking care of it! I would love to find a system that works 🙏😘☺️ (alexandra_ibarra92@yahoo.com)

  9. mackenzie romilly mackenzie romilly

    I came across your video a few months ago when I decided I needed to become more healthy and active and I have to say to have become such an inspiration to me and living healthier. As to why I would LOVE to try this line, I have troubles with breakouts due to sugars as well so I minimize that but I get pimples no matter what. It acts up whenever it wants and I have been into skincare for about 3 years now. I started pretty young because my mom herself had and still has very bad acne and acne scarring across her face. While I don't have the money because I attend college right now I would love to get the opportunity to receive these products for not only myself but my mom as well. Thank you ❤️ (mackenziemarieromilly@gmail.com)

  10. Felicity Suarez Felicity Suarez

    Thank you for the video! I have battled acne & cystic acne my whole life & would love to try these products!💙Unfortunately for me, after trying every product under the sun AND a limited ingredient diet, I can't afford to keep trying everything. I now have a 3 year old son who's needs take priority over acne. Luckily, he's well worth it!😉 But the acne is real. The scars they leave are real. The oily skin is real. Thanks again for the video & Tula for their generosity with the code & give away!💜 (felicitysuarez@yahoo.com)

  11. Elizabeth T Elizabeth T

    Super excited to try this system! I've heard many comments from other bloggers, but this video helped clarify everything. The fact that they are made from whole-foods, probiotics and real ingredients is what truly sold me. Please let me know if I won so I can try this system sooner than later! So excited!

  12. Shonda Romo Shonda Romo

    I have. Never. Used face stuff. I would love to Try. 🙂

  13. Laura Alviso Laura Alviso

    In the last few months I have become a mom and it has given me the opportunity to find myself again. This meaning learning to love the body I have while working to improve it. During this journey I have been dealing with “new” skin. (Pregnancy can change your skin and how it react to products! :p) I would love to try this product from someone who loves it! I also love your channel it has really helped me through this next chapter in my life! Your inspiring! Keep being awesome!!


  14. Kristin Haag Kristin Haag

    I would love to win this Tula set because Ive always been so overwhelmed by all the skincare products available on the market. The concept behind Tula skincare seems so great and I think it could really help my acne-prone skin. Ive always wanted to invest in good skincare products, but being a college student, I want to make sure its something I really love.

  15. Ashley Davidson Ashley Davidson

    I would love to try these products as I have had rosacea/uneven bumps and redness my whole life. I have tried so many products (some very expensive) in hopes to help at least a little! I have yet to find anything to cure or help at all with my redness and feel the need to wear foundation/makeup daily! Can't wait to try something new! (ashleydavidson14@gmail.com)

  16. Tyler&Katie Roggie Tyler&Katie Roggie

    I would LOVE to try this!! 5 weeks ago I was told I couldn't have a healthy pregnancy unless I got my act together and got healthy. I have learned about endocrine disrupters during all this and they are in almost everything. Would love to try Tula and see what it can do for my skin 🙂 (tkroggie@gmail.com)

  17. Ambar Johnson Ambar Johnson

    Hi Brittany! First thing I would want to say is your absolutely GORGEOUS! Your a natural beauty!! I'm 43 years old and have been trying so many products for aging on my face! I'm scared of getting older looking. I would love to try Tula products. Not only do they seem like wonderful products but if they make me look half as beautiful as you are I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE! Getting older and still struggling with breakouts here and there sucks at my age. For once I wanna feel beautiful! (ambar.johnson7@gmail.com)

  18. Ashlan Sorenson Ashlan Sorenson

    You should pick me!! because I haven't found any good skin care products and would love to try Tula!! but being in college it would be difficult to purchase them right now 🙁 Even though I have been breaking out more than usual and much needed right now😭 Love your videos and Insta and that you are local 😍💕DFW girl!!!

  19. Lauren Arfaras Lauren Arfaras

    I want to try Tula because I love simple skincare that nourishes my skin but doesn’t do too much. I want just the basics, which I feel like Tula has mastered. (larfaras96@gmail.com)

  20. Caroline Slatten Caroline Slatten

    Giiiiirrrrllll I loooooove the ashy blonde you're rocking it looks amazing


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