1. anastasia smith anastasia smith

    so sunday riley

  2. anastasia smith anastasia smith

    lam fam . i need new skin care ty sweeeetie, and need perfum. lol!!!xoxox , and love try

  3. Savannah MC Savannah MC

    since you gave up on snapchat i feel like i don’t know your life and what’s going on with you anymore 😩 but congrats on the new apartment!!! ❤️


    Pro Tip: Reuse the Bioderma pump bottle! I think I've only seen it during the holiday season, so I bought one of those a few years ago. Then I bought a few of the duo packs (2 for $29) to get me through the year and just keep refilling that pump bottle. Bioderma for life.

    p.s. your skin looks beautiful. thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Lisa Marconi Lisa Marconi

    Hello lovely, Just to let you know that the exfoliant you like is still available in France. https://www.galerieslafayette.com/p/gommage+au+soja+-+soy+face+exfoliant-fresh/33031319/378
    Just in case you wanted it 🙂

  6. Meagan Kulchyski Meagan Kulchyski

    Would love some advice on acne! I've had acne since I was about 15/16 years old (I'm now 24 years old) and as of the last few years its been the worst its been. I breakout a lot on my forehead, that's where it all started and it's impossible to get rid of, and now the past few years my chin/mouth area (hormonal I'm guessing?). I've tried antibiotics, topicals, chemical peels, facials, and now I'm seeing a naturopath (have not yet gotten a food allergy test/hormone test). I'm getting impatient as NOTHING is working and I'd say I have moderate acne. I've thought about accutane a lot but unfortunately in my city we only have one dermatologist (sad, I know) and he refuses Accutane to most people. I'm also extremely nervous of the side effects as I already have some health issues. Do I try out Accutane if the derm allows me to????? I'm so tired of my skin and nothing is working for me 🙁 Advice please, anyone!!??

  7. Ozil Smith Ozil Smith

    You look so pretty! 😀 also love the sweather!

  8. Nuron Begum Nuron Begum

    Hi I really enjoyed this video! X

  9. NYC Yarbroughs NYC Yarbroughs

    It seems I will be investing in Fresh skincare this winter 😀 And I was reminded how much I miss Bioderma!

  10. Doctora Jaguar Doctora Jaguar

    Your skin is flawless now Lan!! Thank god!!!!! I remember all your skin journey perfectly and I'm so glad that finally it is in great shape!!

  11. Meyrza Tristyana Meyrza Tristyana

    Ur skin looks amazing now. Been following you in 2 years and I know how the progress

  12. cookiesforobama cookiesforobama

    LAN so glad you're loving the nuxe life <3 <3 <3


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