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With their long-awaited third albumEveryone Else, Slothrust deliver ten riveting anthems that reward repeated listens. The songs grab the ear and pierce the psyche with complex arrangements and lyrical depth intensified by guitarist/vocalist Leah Wellbaums penetrating vocal delivery. Slothrust is Wellbaum, Kyle Bann (bass), and Will Gorin (drums). The trio first staked out their unique strain of jazz- and blues-afflicted rock as students at Sarah Lawrence College. The bands 2012 debutFeels Your Pain, and its successor 2014sOf Course You Do, established the band as a breed apart, serving up deceptively clever epics that veer satisfyingly between incandescent riffing and pop hooks, winsome anxiety and powerful heft.People have always had trouble comparing us to other bands, but someone recently described us as Nirvana meets Wynton Marsalis, and I loved that, says Wellbaum.Even the bands name inspires a beat of thoughtful consideration as the eyes take in the letters and the brain makes its snap judgement: Slo Thrust? Slot Rust? Slo Trust?Sloth-Rust.We all studied jazz and blues, so I often use chords and voicings that arent quite as conventional for contemporary rock, she continues. Certain harmonic movement can get stale, so I try to incorporate colorful notes to give it more depth. The improvisational spirit of blues music is also something we try to always keep with us, even in more composed playing. I am drawn to musicians a bit further outside of the rock tradition, such as John Fahey, Elizabeth Cotten, D'Angelo, and Portishead. Growing up I listened to a lot of R&B and classical music. And musicals."WhileEveryone Elseclearly shows Wellbaum fulfilling her early promise as a singer, its where she hits her stride as a lyricist: Pulling the listener under the surface to explore a submerged world brimming with exotic creatures. Water motifs abound, detailing oddly off-kilter observations about floating, submerging and drowning that are anything but morose. Instead, they contort and reflect worldly truths about life on dry land.Nowhere is this vision clearer than on the slow burn of the albums centerpiece track Horseshoe Crab. Here, with storm cloud riffs and Will Gorin and Kyle Banns perfectly calibrated rhythmic undercurrent, Slothrusts erupts in a geyser of emotional and spatial distance, as Wellbaum observes, I dont have anything in common with myself, except that I came from the sea, like everyone else did.Like a Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone" opens like some bizzarro world lullaby dispensing sage advice: Drink seltzer, smoke weed when you cant sleep. Think about shooting birds, everyone has got a violent streak. Then, as the guitars explode, the rhythm section dials into stylish, disciplined groove to set up an expansive instrumental break that gently floats to a close with Wellbaum, at peace: Hold me under the water. My lungs are filling with plankton. But the lake is not lonely. No need for you to come with me.Above all the overriding ethos ofEveryone Elseis its sense of inclusiveness: all people, every feeling, quiet, loud, any time signature.With a snap of the neck the band launches into the hyper-adrenalized Rotten Pumpkin with Wellbaum singing in a rapid-fire vomit burst, Ill make you sick because Im soft water. Reach inside of me, and scoop out my seeds. This midpoint between grunge and art rock is the aesthetic Slothrust elevates: sharp-eyed individualism, serious musicianship, humble intelligence, controlled abandon.

at Union Transfer
1026 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, United States

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