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    • avatar Arashdeep singh 2

      nutrition 80-85%…all bullshit…guy is full of chemicals and all that shit…5% body fat…seriously?

      • avatar dushyant kumar 0

        Bro now a days new company is growing name myprotein. Can you please give a review to that product ?

        • avatar Nitin Baghel 0

          भाइयो अगर कोई व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप है। तो add करे अपने भाई को। नम्बर है। 9999-703046 केवल फिटनेस से रिलेटिड मैं ही add करें।

          • avatar Shubham Singhal 1

            Sir plz launch whey protein

            • avatar Salvius Pereira 1


              • avatar Arbaaz khan 1

                Your way of explaining is excellent, simple and easy understanding.
                I have a question sir.Im a skinny person,can u make a video of gym for skinnies, their diet plan for gaining weight?

                • avatar jATIN SANDHU 1

                  Wew want GM NUTRITION whey protein

                  • avatar The notorious khan 1

                    Mai toh apke hi product lunga

                    • avatar Pritam Paul 1

                      nice shoot sir!!!!!looks handsome……………………………….

                      • avatar GYM FREAK LUCKY 1

                        Watch this cool video m
                        Amazing video
                        Don't miss https://youtu.be/o1GSPW4mmi8

                        • avatar 360 degree New N 1

                          Guys plzzz see this video-https://youtu.be/8hEg2nObB6o

                          • avatar Maaz Siddiqui 1

                            Yes sir
                            Launch whey protien ASAP.

                            • avatar DHEERAJ tomar RAJPUT 2


                              • avatar Mitsubishi Hashimoto 1

                                agar GM whey protein launch karna hai to please Indian whey hi use karna…atleast cost pe to kaafi farak padega, quality control bhi rakhna padega..

                                • avatar vineet kumar yadav 1

                                  Beard groth pe video banooo bhai

                                  • avatar Digvijay Shetgaonkar 1

                                    please i wanta a review on six pack nutrition whey ABC .

                                    • avatar A2M s 1

                                      supplement contains 20% whey protein,80% casein .what it mean. ?? Explain

                                      • avatar Sidhu Saab 0

                                        Hlo apko hmm etne tym se follow kr rahe hai hmrai bat ka ans… To do