Sore Wrist Prevention and Care

When it comes to your body joints one is more important than all the rest, it is the wrist. This complex joint is used in nearly everything you do on a daily basis so your dexterity and strength are important. The wrist is composed of several bones, five metacarpal, eight carpal and two forearm bones. These are all meshed together in an intricate pattern that includes ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. The bottom line is this, if you have a sore wrist you should get it taken care of immediately.

What is the Big Deal?

You may be surprised by the strong emphasis on seeking adequate treatment for your sore wrist, whether that is home remedies or medical attention. The simple answer is when you hesitate to seek treatment the problems can quickly escalate. Imagine life without the strength or dexterity to do common every day things, this could affect your quality of life significantly.

Also, common activities like working at your desk for hours, engaging in sports like golf and tennis, playing musical instruments and even washing the dishes can aggravate the pain of a sore wrist that you have previously overlooked. Ultimately, you will have to deal with more complicated, more expensive, and more painful consequences for your indifference. So, as early as possible, listen to your wrist. You will be amply rewarded with longer, better and healthier service from one of the most important external body parts we can possibly have.


Pain in your wrist can be brought on by many different things, such as an injury to the location, constantly performing the same motion or trauma. To determine the possible cause of your pain your physician will ask you a series of questions about the frequency and location of the pain as well as your history and any medicines you might currently be taking. Your doctor should be thorough and ask many questions to find the right diagnosis.

There are several medical conditions that result in a sore wrist. Things like ganglion cysts, arthritis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis can all cause pain and inflammation of your wrist joint. You can also bring on the pain by typing at your keyboard for long hours or playing certain sports. Any time you are engaging in repetitive motion you need proper form and support to prevent pain or injury. Another possibility is a sprain or cracked bone in one of the 15 bones of the wrist.

Of course, as you probably already know many of these causes can be related. For instance, you can develop carpal tunnel syndrome by doing repetitive motions such as keyboarding without utilizing simple hand exercises or after long periods of use.


You want to have the correct diagnosis before you begin treatment for a sore wrist. The wrong treatment is as bad as no treatment at all! Some instances will call for a RICE protocol such as in case of a sprain, while carpal tunnel syndrome may need surgery.

The best person to advise you on a proper course of treatment is your personal physician. That being said the RICE, (rest, ice, compression and elevation) is nearly universal treatment both for first aid and after care. If it is arthritis you are dealing with you may have to make some lifestyle changes as well. Talk with your doctor about the pros and cons of treatment particularly when it comes to surgery, medications and cortisone shots. These can be quite painful not to mention expensive.

A sore wrist can be truly painful in more ways than one. Nevertheless, if you pursue the correct medical treatment and attend to personal care it is a pain you can leave in the past.

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