Soundscape Meditation: Binaural/Monaural Beats (18 & 19 Aug)

Soundscape Meditation: Binaural/Monaural Beats (18 & 19 Aug)
Event on 2017-08-18 20:00:00
An immersive, meditative journey through sound. Free your mind as you tune into a live mix of binaural and monaural beats, layered with 3D ambient and natural sounds.  Here's what previous participants had to say: "Guided me out of my body" "A cosmic musical journey" "Soul-throbbing" "Otherworldly"  Brought to you by Mind of the Cosmos, this experience has travelled to Berlin, Stockholm, and Belgium. This is your chance to experience it in Singapore.  For a lucky few, enhance your experience with the SubPac, which sends low-end healing frequencies flowing through your body. Please register early; limited spots available.  Disclaimer: Age 18 and above, not recommended for pregnant women, or people with heart diseases, seizures, epilepsy.  Event schedule Session 1: 18 Aug, Fri, 8pm  Session 2: 19 Aug, Sat, 10.30am Session 3: 19 Aug, Sat, 4pm The 60-min session consists of:– Guided Meditation (30 mins, led by Living Your Dharma)– Monaural/Binaural Beats Live session (30 mins) Optional: Ease in with a 60-min float before or after. The float timings available are: (1) 6.30pm, 18 Aug Fri, (2) 11.45am, 19 Aug Sat, (3) 5.15pm, 19 Aug, Sat If you already have a float package with us, please purchase your ticket for the meditation only, and email us to indicate your interest in floating.  About Jean Reiki (Mind of the Cosmos) The alias of Producer and Sound Curator Jean Reiki, she is also part of the PAFC crew. Merging Pendulumic Headphones, SubPac Technologies and MainStage Module, she conceived the Binaural X-perience as a preliminary exploration into potential applications for using audio entrainment in floatation tanks, healthcare and therapy. Her work is released through the Elevate label by Indigoism and has appeared at Archifest 2016.  For project enquiries, binaural beats customisation, ambient music and field recordings, contact About Living Your Dharma Sound facilitator, intuitive energy practitioner. Elfe’s life purpose is to help others find their voice and inner courage to leap into change. She offers spiritual energy healing through meditation, readings, and sacred sound transmissions. For more info, email What is floatation (sensory deprivation)? Relieve stress, heal your body, and gain clarity. For an hour, you'll float effortlessly on Epsom salt water. Without light, sound, or gravity, your mind enters a deep meditative state, and your body reverses the harmful effects of stress. Read more at

at Palm Ave Float Club
20 Waringin Park
Singapore, Singapore



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