Speech Pathology Ideas (SPI) Night 2017

Speech Pathology Ideas (SPI) Night 2017
Event on 2017-09-20 17:00:00
The team from the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology at Curtin University are keen to engage as much as we can with community clinicians and to share and promote good practice.  As such, we have decided to organise our fifth Speech Pathology Ideas Night (SPI night). For those of you who missed our last SPI nights, this event was inspired by a similar series of events held in London, called Therapy Ideas Live.  At this event for community clinicians, both clinicians and academics do lightning presentations (5 minutes) on a range of topics.  See At our fifth SPI night we again have clinicians from a range of settings, and staff and students from Curtin presenting on a range of topics.  We feel it is a showcase of some really interesting projects and ideas in Western Australia at the moment. If you would like to tweet about this event please use #spinight Refreshments will be provided. Parking Parking section C1 (visitor parking) is the closest to the venue. Enter the campus via Manning Road onto Townsing Drive.  Parking is on your right hand side.  Parking is free after 4.30pm (excluding ACROD and courtesy bays, unless the appropriate permit is displayed). For more information, please see Talks at this event include: Effects of meditation on auditory attention Britta Biedermann, Curtin University   Very early intervention for infants with social communicative delays Kandice Varcin- Telethon Kids Institute   Learning to read and spell- what do all learners need to know Alison Perry, DSF Literacy and Clinical Services   Analysis of written language at text, sentence and word level Jenny Baker, Fremantle Speech Pathology Services   The effect of phonological neighbourhood density on fast mapping in preschool children with Specific Language Impairment Shimone Spyker, Curtin University   FEES in acute dysphagia Alexandra Hunting, SCGH and University of Auckland   Fast mapping in children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD):  Exploring the impact of increased exposures to a new word Stephanie Sullivan, Curtin University   Interprofessional collaboration: A great opportunity for speech pathology Margo Brewer, Curtin University   For the very busy speechie: How to find the perfect picture books for therapy Cecile Ferreira, South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre & Outreach Service   Managing fluency and disruptive behaviours in children who stutter Kerri-Anne Bloch, Curtin University   Oral inferential comprehension intervention for young children with developmental language disorder Emily Dawes, Curtin University  

at Building 500 Exhibition Space, Curtin University
Townsing Drive
Perth, Australia

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