Spinning With The New Breed Of Exercise Bikes

An individual can enter any gym and discover rows and rows of fitness equipment. It may be a touch overwhelming. Many facilities attempt to break areas into independent sections to assist their clientele in getting the most out of their workouts. Probably the most visited area in every gym will be the cardio exercise area. With exercise bikes to elliptical machines and everything in between, there’s something for each level of ability.

One of the most popular classes to emerge throughout the country is spin classes. This takes the cardio workout one step further, challenging members of various fitness levels a bit more than the typical exercise bike workout. Using a non-impact stationary bike, members will feel like they are training for the Tour de France.

Spin classes are held in a fitness studio where lighting is usually a bit dimmer and music is pumping to set an energized atmosphere. Instructors lead the workout through various phases. From warm-ups and steady speeds, to sprints, climbs and cool-downs, the tempo is upbeat and fun. Because the participant sets their pace as well as the resistance on their bike, it’s a wonderful workout for all ability levels.

In order to gain the most from it, the cyclist needs to push themselves. This is something some people find difficult. They find themselves slacking and falling behind during the up-tempo pedaling. Though a good instructor can keep most focused, some require a bit more personal motivation.

Some people also find spinning a bit boring because it’s held indoors. There is really no view, and what is seen, doesn’t change. But, another positive, along those same lines, is the fact that it can be done, no matter what the weather is outside and the cyclist doesn’t have to purchase a bike.

What sets the intensity of the workout is based on 3 things. The first is the pedal rate. The faster a cyclist pedals, the more intense. The second factor is the resistance on the wheel. Obviously, the more resistance the more of a workout it is. Lastly, the position of the body also has an effect. Sitting in the saddle or standing plays a part in the effort the rider has to put forth.

Spinning is a great form of exercise for all who like a bit of a challenge. Take the step up and advance from the average exercise bikes and hop on a new breed of cycle. Riders will be surprised at how addictive it can be.

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