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And so it is done. Completed in a way similar to its beginning. The river. The blue tones. The blonde hair. The blackness.

This photo turned out 99% how I imagined it. It’s missing the snow. But it is more perfect than I thought it would be. (This is an expansion of 15+ photos.)

I must talk about this year, 2013. So much has changed (how clichĂ©), and I’ve seen it every day. I have made new friends, lost a few, gained the confidence to lead others, expanded my photography skills, had a crush and a kiss and had many firsts. My hair has grown and so have I (as Miss Morgan says constantly, in regards to my 16th birthday and my license). I’m much more confident with my looks, my body, my mind, my life. I have the most amazing people right by my side no matter what- Ana, Dan, my parents, McKayla, Morgan, Kiersten, Mallorie, Maddie, Emily, Chelsea, Brittany, Carlee, Kalie, Megan, and everyone else who makes me smile. I’d like to especially thank my older sister, Ana, for helping me with my last photo of the year. She started this project with me, but stopped due to the stresses of her senior year. I love her anyways. She makes me very proud.

Thank you to everyone on Flickr and Facebook for all the views, comments, favorites, etc. I Iove feedback and I love you all.

My stomach and heart feel all weird and shaky. It’s either the coffee I had during this shoot or my excitement for tonight or the feeling of completion.
Or my spirit and passion for photography.

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