Stabbing Lower back Pain – Causes And Treatments

A stabbing lower back pain may be induced by quite a list of things and this is why an appropriate diagnosis from a certified practitioner is essential prior to beginning some form of treatment.

Causes like ulcers, kidney stones, a pinched nerve or injury to the back may all lead to a stabbing lower back pain. You need to realize that the back is linked to your central nervous system and anything that takes place in that general area will be picked up and on the odd occasion, manifest itself as a stabbing lower back pain. The lesson of the story is that whenever you experience back pain, it doesn’t mean that it is 100% related to your back. It could be just a prior condition just disguised as a lower back pain.

How To Fix A Stabbing Lower Back Pain

Everyone that suffers from back problems usually finds it hard to give a proper explanation to the doctor when asked certain questions. Start by keeping track of the pain. Keep a diary handy and whenever that pain raises its ugly head, take down a few notes on items such as the time of day that you usually feel the pain, the length of time that it lasts, if you were performing a physical task, what was it? Write down as many things that you think will help.

Your notes will certainly help your physician to get a better grasp of the problem and may even help pinpoint the root of the problem during your diagnosis.

Once you have tracked the symptoms for a few days, be sure to make an appointment with your local or family doctor. He should be able, with the help of your notes, to find the real cause of your problem and prescribe the correct treatment that will work for you.

This type of back trouble is quite often caused by ulcers. There a several kinds of ulcers and Peptic ulcers are usually at the top of the list when it comes to this type of back pain. In case of ulcers, the pain is usually felt right after a meal and will usually start in the upper back.

Pulled muscles and pinched nerves are also very high on the list of causes for this type of back pain. Other possible causes include gallstones, kidney stones, and various types of blockages that can all be the catalyst for your lower back pain. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for x rays and if needed, various other types of tests.

If you are prone to any of the conditions listed above, a quick visit to your doctor should be able to reveal the root of the problem. However, if this is not the case, your doctor should, by using an elimination process, be able to let you know what is not causing the stabbing lower back pain. Once the source is located, you should be able to start an appropriate treatment. It is also wise to ask you doctor whether he or she could recommend an alternate treatment program.

Before you take any medication for lower back pain, please ensure you read our excellent review on stabbing lower back pain and several ways to alleviate the problem.

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