Startup Part 1: Working out your offer/project ideas

Startup Part 1: Working out your offer/project ideas
Event on 2017-09-19 10:30:00
If you have a strong passion for something to happen in your community, you will want to attend this free workshop which will cover the basic steps you need to think about, before starting out on your journey. It will look at good funding ideas, selling your idea to others, research you need to prove your case as well as providing lots of useful advice / signposting. It is being run twice.  You can attend as an individual with an idea or a new group who wants more support.  Each workshop lasts 2.5 hours and will include an expert presentation, group work to allow attendees to share ideas and solutions, as well as time for individual customised support. Up to 16 people can book. It will be run at CVA Resource Centre by Claudia Demuth. If you have particular needs, please let us know when booking.   Trainer Details: As an experienced coach and fundraising trainer, Claudia Demuth helps not for profits to set up, effectively deliver, and carefully reflect on income generation / business planning approaches. During the last 20 years Claudia has supported a wide range of charities, social enterprises and sub-regional partnerships to raise funds from sources such as the Big Lottery, Dept of Health or ESF, as well as acting as a critical eye for those wanting to set up great new projects. Currently an associate for the Law Centres Network, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and Homeless Link she uses expert coaching and action learning techniques to encourage people to think outside of the box. Clients really value Claudia’s ability to quickly identify organisational stumbling blocks and ask hard questions which help challenge long-held assumptions, whilst bringing humour and patience to this sometimes painful process! With 20 years’ experience in funding panels, commissioning, business planning and project management, she prefers to keep things really simple and enjoys most helping people to discover their own ‘light-bulb’ moments. In her spare time, she coaches long-term unemployed back into work and helps to maintain Bushy Park’s woodlands.  

82 London Road
Croydon, United Kingdom



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