STD Pictures



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      What is the song/remix? It is sick.

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        What is this song?

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          anyone else hungry?

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            @anumber12 HELL YEAH HOW ???

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              this guy said u get fuckin aids from jakin off,u dont cuz ur not transmitting anything,u can search it up to,cuz if u could get aids like dat 100000 men and teens would die xDD

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                This makes you think twice.

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                  thanks! :) i guess i'll spread to my friends to abstain from sex! :D im doing my job! :)

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                    can anyone answer question. Im very curious. Can you guys imagine a man that had recovered from STD, can he have oral sex again?

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                      @PirateKing1256 LOL

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                        all these diseases are cureable with electromedicine. why not you ask? well pharm companies make money, sti's put people off having sex and keep population levels down. with pharm companies selling expensive drugs to governments like uk via our nhs the stockmarkets and banks are upheld.

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                          @STDpictures ok

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                            @PiromancerFreak . get a blood purifier for viruses. take vitamin c before zapping that magnifies the vit c to antidote levels. for warts and herpes place coconut oil, butter on and use zappper. for urinarty tract infections drink 3 tablespoons applecider vinegar in water 3 times a day for 3 days.

                            • avatar capricorngirl97 1

                              90% of teens and adults get pregnant while 100% get STDs

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                                Those symptoms look like the homeless people.