Stefan Karl (Robbie Rotten) IS FREE OF CANCER

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    • avatar Stingy Is Christ 1

      An update from Stefan Karl himself:

      So, there is a little misunderstanding going on, but still there is a good reason to celebrate life. I have been asked by hundreds of people tonight if it’s true that I’m free of cancer. This is one of those questions I don’t really know how to answer — but am I free of getting another metastasis? That we will not know in the coming weeks or months, that’s just how Cholangiocarcinoma of Bile Duct cancer works, you simply don’t know. I’m free of any cancer metastases right now after undergoing a very successful liver surgery in June this year performed by one of the best liver surgery team in the world, Kristin Huld Haraldsdottir and Sigurdur Blöndal at the Icelandic University Hospital. In the surgery they managed to find the third metastases and remove it, something they noticed by putting the sonar to my liver during surgery. So, I’m taken care of by the best, and thanks you all, my amazing fans out there, with your prayers and support I’m able to get the best medicine available and the home care I need to stay strong and healthy. I’m even planning to go back on stage doing Stones in His Pocket this month, but only for 10 shows at Iceland’s National Theater. Having said that; I’m NOT free of the danger yet – but I’m free of the metastases. I have refused any further adjuvant therapy, chemo or radiation, since there is less than 3% chance of it making any difference, but more likely it will make me more and more sick. So, if it comes back, if we are looking at another metastases, we will try surgery or nothing at all. I will keep you all posted, cross your fingers and keep thinking of me since I’m here for you just like you are there for me. By standing together we stand stronger, as you have proved so often with your amazing letters, GoFundMe support and prayers. Me and my family are so thankful to you all, and we always will be. Another thing….a little secret project — I’ll tell you very soon, and you will be the first to hear, I promise. Yours always Stefan Karl #1

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        MEME POWER!!

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            Everyone fucking party!!

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              WE DID IT.

              • avatar Garfaggot Arbuckle 1

                Stingy is Christ? Oh yeah, well Stefan is god.

                • avatar Blackvenom 1

                  This is going down in history

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                    I'm not crying, you're crying!

                    • avatar Joel Richardson 0

                      Hopefully, Stefan will pull through until the cancer has completely gone. HOPEFULLY 😀😀😀

                      • avatar JESUS GABRIEL Parra 1

                        Stefan: I have cancer :'(

                        Cancer: Say goodbye to your life

                        3 months later

                        Cnacer: sh*t i loss

                        Stefan: F*ck Yea WE ARE NUMBER ONE WAH >:D

                        Waluigi: WE AREH NUMBEH WAHH HAH

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                          I feel very bad because I didn't had any hopes that he would survive. I'm so happy that he's at the moment OK.

                          • avatar Badgeious - ROBLOX 2

                            Robbie Rotten is still number one

                            • avatar Bella Spangler and friends 2

                              We did ittttttt I knew we could Edit : yay one like

                              • avatar Eclipse 1

                                this calls for an ice cream celebration! free ice cream for everyone!

                                • avatar Sanictv 2

                                  thanks god i love you
                                  robbie now is free

                                  • avatar El Marty 1

                                    Internet,you did it again :,)

                                    • avatar Undertaker555 1

                                      Stephanie was right. There's Always a Way! ;)