Strategy, Planning & Budgeting Seminar

Strategy, Planning & Budgeting Seminar
Event on 2017-09-14 08:30:00
Seminar Title: Strategy, Planning & Budgeting – September 14th & 15th, 2017 Target Group: All involved in Planning & Budgeting- HODS, Managers, Boards, CEOs, Businessowners Venue: Villa Rosa Kempinski, NBO Fees: Kshs.47, 500/= Excl. VAT PreambleAnnual Budgets that are closely linked with the Organization Strategy help management to implementand actualize Strategy. While Budgets and Business Planning help organizations manage short term andannual operations, conscious linkage with strategy is all part of governance; - saying what we are going todo and then executing! Budgets should be built to support the strategy and hence the need for the two to be directly linked.Hammond Tutu & Gunther Ltd will conduct a 2 day seminar on Strategy, Planning & Budgetingon September 14th & 15th 2017 Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi. This 2 day Seminar will discuss therole of Planning and Budgeting in Strategy Implementation process. The Seminar will give participants an appreciation of Budgeting process as a Strategy Implementationprocess. The seminar discusses best practice in Budgeting Process to ensure that organisation Strategyis embedded in the Budgets. Participants will get tips on best practice in Budget implementation, tips onusing Budgets as control tool and best practice in putting in place intervention measures. This course is designed to combine proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas from a widerange of current strategic thinking. Gain a wider perspective of the strategic planning and budgetingprocess through breakout sessions, exercises, and case applications. Bring your strategic dilemmas tothis program and get direction on analytical and organizational approaches. How You Will Benefit Identify strategic planning and budgeting issues in order to develop a unique competitive advantage Learn key analytical and conceptual approaches to expand your understanding of the marketplace Align your organization with your strategic planning and budget goals by integrating strategy, objectives, metrics, and performance Identify evolving strategic patterns and generate ideas on how they can be applied to your organization Incorporate customer needs into your strategic planning and budgeting process Use a case study to examine the strategic planning and budgeting process Recognize how the actions of customers, competitors, and your own company determine the outcomes in your markets Determine the best approach to effectively implement your strategic plan and budget Who Should ParticipateThis is an important Seminar for all personnel involved in Planning, Budgeting and Strategy- HODs,Managers, Planning Accountants, Boards, CEOs and Business owners. Course OutlineStrategic Planning and Budgeting Principles Determining a frame of reference for strategic planning and budgeting concepts Schools of thought in strategic planning and budgeting The evolution of strategy An Overview of the Strategic Planning Process Basic elements of strategic planning Developing and managing the strategy formation process Understanding Your Organization’s Mission Your organization’s core values Creating an inspiring mission statement for your own organization Assessing the External Environment Identifying macro and micro factors Responding to changes in the environment The I/P (Importance/Performance) matrix as a competitive tool Understanding Your Internal Environment How to become a high-performing organization Financial elements of developing strategy Formulating Your Strategic Planning Data synthesis SWOT analysis Competitive Strategic Planning Defining your competitive advantage The product/industry/life-cycle curve Understanding mega patterns Ensuring Strategic Alignment Creating organizational accountability How to translate the grand design into well-executed strategic planning Strategic Planning Execution Key building blocks Learning the three core processes Understanding resource allocation and strategy formation A Strategic Planning Process Determining the best processes for your business How To Enroll Limited slots available. RSVP to the coordinator at or call 0708-588616

at Villa Rosa Kempinski
Chiromo Road
Nairobi, Kenya



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