Stress Relief Through Meditation

Stress comes from many different sources that usually revolve around anxiety and depression. It is visible in an employee who could no longer keep up with the demands of his boss; or in a student who strives to be at top of the class; or in a mother who does all the cleaning in the house while taking care of three toddlers. No matter which direction you face, stress seems to be everywhere.

There are several ways to deal with stress. A wide variety of solutions can be attempted, depending on what works best for you. Did you know that you could live a stress-free life without having to spend a dime on counseling fees or for a stress management course? Yes, the most effective way for relieving us form life's daily strains and pressures is easily achievable by meditation.

Meditation is a type of psychological discipline that gives a practitioner a chance to overlook his current mental state and see the state beyond his normal thinking. Simply put, meditation is forgetting one's actual condition, that which is shrouded with stress, to give way for a relaxing state of mind. Meditation can be done in many ways, as contrary to what many know. The idea of meditation to most people circles around images of yoga like positions. Although this may be true, there are various ways to meditate.


The seat of meditation is not on one's position but on one's mental state. Meditation can be done in whatever position a practitioner prefers. One of the more famous alternative positions for meditation is walking. While one walks, he is still able to leave his current state of mind and go into a peaceful one that could relieve him of the stress he is encountering in his normal conscious world.


Meditating while eating proves effective for some people as well. This is again to emphasize that although the surroundings play an important role to one's meditation, it is not the sole basis for the practitioner's successful session.

Scanning a specific part of the body

Body scan involves meditation by merely focusing on a specific part of the practitioner's body; it can be his knee, his toe, his finger, etc. Many are using this most common meditation practice.

Since meditation means temporarily leaving the present, complete concentration is required of a practitioner. To attain total concentration, the following must be observed:

1. A positive attitude to withstand distracting elements like thoughts of current stressful conditions.

2. A quiet and peaceful environment, which will not distract you from concentrating.

3. A position that you will be most comfortable in since meditation may take longer than what you expect.

4. A focal point (for body scan type of meditation or for stationary meditation) where your vision will rest during the entire duration of the process.

These things can all be accomplished in the comfort of your home, while the children are out for school or while the toddlers are asleep for their afternoon nap. You can even meditate in your own bedroom, or in the comfort of your garden or office. Meditation will assure you a stress free day, which gives way for rejuvenated energy just before another stress battle begins.

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