Success Through Emotional Freedom Technique Coaching

You start procrastinating when there’ s a part of you that doesn’t want to start doing the task you set yourself. With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) you can get rid of that part of yourself.

People often say they need more motivation to achieve their goals, and this is true to an extent. However I would argue that if you want more motivation to do something, then you already want to do it, and that should be all the motivation you need. What you really need is to remove the psychological barriers to doing it.

When I was a student I would often delay starting on my homework. I would seem like too much effort, I wasn’t sure if it would be done well, and there were always more interesting things to spend my time doing. I would put it off till the last minute, at which point I’d realise that I would suffer even more stress if I didn’t complete the work.

When people say they want extra motivation, they think they need an extra negative impetus to spur them on.

But you can get rid of the negative feelings that stop you going forward in the first place. When I help people get rid of procrastination I help them to identify all their negative beliefs around doing the tasks they have set themselves and tap those beliefs away.

When you think about taking the action that you want to you might find negative thoughts arising. I remember sitting at my desk with my work in front of me, telling myself I didn’t know how to start , that I didn’t understand the topic and that I’d never get it done.

It’s not nice to have those negative thoughts in your mind, so you’ll distract yourself from the task in order to avoid those feelings. And the work isn’t even the real source of those negative emotions, it’s your mind and the associations it has created.

With Tapping, you can literally find those negative thoughts one-by-one, and release the negative feeling that you associate with them. That way you probably won’t think them again, and if you do, they won’t have the same emotional impact, so you’ll dismiss them easily.

Don’t put this off – try Emotional Freedom Technique right now with this easy steps:

1. You can try EFT right now by watching my video Killing Procrastination. It takes you through the basic steps. In order to have the most notable effects it’s best to try it on something that you really want to avoid doing. Now you might not feel like you are jumping to get started straight away, but you should find it a bit easier to get started. If you haven’t tried EFT before then the process might seem a bit odd, so you might find that having a look at the introductory video helps make more sense of it.

2. And for more information on how your limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your goals you can read my e-book. It contains clear instructions on to identify the negative beliefs that stop you achieving your goals, and how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to clear them.

It’s amazing how well this technique works. I used to hate tidying my room and doing the washing up, for example. When I tapped away all the negativity around doing those things I actually started to enjoy them!

I once experimented with this technique with a friend. We tapped all the negative emotions and belief that were stopping him from doing his taxes. When we had worked on all the negative beliefs he didn’t want to continue as he’s rather go and do his taxes instead.

You will have to be persistent, but the side-effects will be very interesting for you. Other areas of your life will benefit positively. In my personal case I found that using EFT on household chores stopped me procrastinating in other areas of my life.

Good luck – Emotional Freedom Technique really can transform your life!

To learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique, including Magnus’s e-book, articles, and videos, visit You might want to start with the video mentioned in the article – Killing Procrastination with EFT.

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