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Do you want the cheapest and MOST FUN way to work with me one on one? Funny thing is the way to do it is LIVE by meeting me at my home. It’s 2.5 day event spanning for about 16-18 hours of teaching with less than /hr. My hourly rate on the phone/Skype is now 9/hr so imagine being wined and dined and interacting with me in such an intimate setting in my own home for 16-18 hours straight. This is a rare opportunity to learn all the essentials of my miraculous principles that have given birth to 127 engagements the last 3.5 years, at least. Whatever your relationship status, this retreat will give the greatest insights on how to improve or save it. And you will also learn how to become more fulfilled in every aspect of life: your career, your business, your relationships with everyone that matters in your life.   Hello, ladies.  Over the years a lot of you have asked me when we’re going to have a gathering because many of you have formed close relationships with many other members in our very active secret FB group that is a therapeutic place for my clients. Last year we found a celestial home in the hilly most sublime area of the San Diego county, and by the grace of God the universe picked us among a few contenders to live and enjoy this rare beauty of a home.  We moved in mid December with one thing in mind upon seeing the idyllic nature surrounding it: RETREAT! This is what the Universe has plans for me.  Everything falls into place so EFFORTLESSLY. This estate is such a perfect place to gather your thoughts and look at them very closely.  It is quiet and very inviting.  The spectacular hilly sceneries will buoy and take your imagination far, cracking open all dormant possibilities about life in your deepest core. “I came to you in December!!! After my ex walked out on me having a miscarriage and cancer. He barely spent time with me, ignored me and was bitter towards me. He had no remorse. We got back together in January but in February we broke up again. I had enough. I packed up and left to India for cancer treatment, all this while listening to Journey Inward, Four Components of Melting His Heart and many other audios.   Kat kept me busy on those lonely nights at the hospital. She helped me fight for my life. This sped up my recovery faster. “Oh the power of self love… positive thinking and self value.”   Finally I am cancer free! I decided life is too short. Kat said live in the moment and I did. I’ve never been my happiest.   Fast forward 4 months. June 19th, there was a knock on my door… him on his knees telling me how sorry he was. I’ve been through too much and forgiveness is key. I picked him up and invited him in… he apologized so much. He said he couldn’t lose the woman he loves and he went through so much to realize that….   Then again he went on his knees… pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him and he came back a changed man. I didn’t believe him. With a smile on me, I told him I’m flattered but I need to decline. He said he wanted to continue what we had. I said I couldn’t continue what’s dead.   He then said he wanted to start over. So here I am. People might call me stupid but life’s too short. I’m taking a risk, no expectations. I don’t expect him to hurt me and I don’t expect him to make me happy. I make me happy. If he walks out again there’s no turning back… my ex has become a religious man after our break up all I have seen is prayer.   If he’s not praying, he’s catering to me. For the first time in a year and a half of our relationship he has cooked for me. He has become my personal chauffeur too lol. He’s my genie in a bottle.   Well Kat said live in the moment. I am. Good or bad, I’m enjoying my journey. God bless you and Thank you, Kat. You saved my life through sickness and revived my empty soul. I’ve never been happier.” ~ Farrah, Dubai Results like the above are common place in my practice.  I get happy emails/testimonials EVERY SINGLE DAY since the day I published my ebook in 2012 and to read them you simply need to follow me on Facebook or liking my page.   My results are a matter of when, not if. What you will learn from this retreat: Feminine Magnetism principles summarized, how they can alter the entire playing field tilting to your favor.  These principles have resulted in one engagement/week on average. The Art of Being, how this skill will catapult you into the stratosphere of inner peace, joy and serenity and how it’s the gate toward unleashing your inner genius, whatever that may be! How to utilize awareness to heal all your unresolved issues and wounds.  Awareness is the powerful vast ocean that will dissolve anything that is ugly and unwholesome and transform it into a sustaining life force.  You expand yourself by expanding your awareness.  With an expanded awareness you’ll lead a happier, more peaceful, more fulfilled life.  With your inner peace and balance you’ll become so mesmerizing any man can’t afford to lose you! How to live life on a path of no resistance, in which you will accomplish a whole lot without striving.  What does it even mean? What is a split mind and how to heal it.  Split minds are why you are always in conflict with the world.  Outer conflicts spring from inner conflicts (split mind). Quickest ways to go back to being grounded, deal with stresses and the disappointments of setbacks in life. To deal with anxiety and depression without medications or in conjunction with your medications. Mindfulness meditation and mindful living. Direct perception by bypassing the mind, this is the one skill that will shift your reality because remember you’re the powerful creator of your reality. Salvation through relationship, how relationship is the vehicle toward growth, healing and you reclaiming every part of yourself (your shadow) so you become a together, well-rounded, balanced and equanimous person. Learn how turn those calories you burn through incessant obsessive thinking into creative genius.  Unleash your inner genius the most definite way, whatever your field is.  And if you are a coach already (of any kind) this retreat will give you the empowerment and insights you need to bring your business to the next level of success. All these profound teachings of the mind and consciousness are priceless and this is not I learn from books but from my own inner process and evolution.  I learn this through observation of my own mind and you can do the same.  You are the Kosmos mini-me.  Everything you need to learn about the universe lies within you. Once you get the taste of a different dimension to the mundane realm of incessant and obsessive thoughts (egoic mode of consciousness), you can always tap into that more exalted and the innermost reservoir of your divine intelligence. Whether you are single, dating or in relationship, happily or unhappily married, jobless, in a dead-end or a thriving career, you will get to learn new things in the retreat that you can bring home with you and add value into your life. Do the work and reap the rewards. I will summarize the central tenets of all my programs and MORE…. Most importantly on how to understand the mind so you can become its master, instead of its slave.  Right now, you’re most probably slaves to your mind. I am the Master to my mind.  My mind serves me.  It works for me.  It’s my most valuable tool and servant. Once you turn the tables, your life will begin to change as well.  EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE. Early Bird Specials, Valid till July 31, 2017 The published rate is 99 without accommodations and 99 with accommodations.  All meals are included.  But if you hurry we reserve 10 spots with the early bird specials of 0 OFF.  Rates DO NOT include flights and transfer from/to the airport (so you have to reserve your own flights and transfer from to hotel).  Please write me at for any query or the rate of 99 with accommodations (if you fly in from different cities/states). For more info:

at Fallbrook
1865 E Mission Rd
Fallbrook, United States

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