Super Yoga and Activities UK Weekend Retreat

Super Yoga and Activities UK Weekend Retreat
Event on 2017-11-24 16:00:00
If you are the type of person to bounce off the yoga mat wishing, you could do another class then this is the weekend for you. With over 10 other new teachers and classes running throughout the weekend, you will be spoilt for choice. Plus many fabulous outdoor activites in the new forest like walking, bikes, horse riding, kayaking etc. We intend to create an environment in which you can truly drop off the grid and recharge in nature. and really engage with your surroundings and fellow yogis for a weekend of deep restoration (you will be asked to give up your digital toys- phones/laptops etc. But remember everything is always optional). Let’s take this retreat to focus on what is most important to us, to our health, to our hearts, to our peace of mind. On these retreats, the mornings include a early mediation then practice sessions that start with gentle stretching and pranayama (breathing exercises) building gradually into a flow practice, suitable for all levels of ability. In the afternoon, there are optional walks, massages, and workshops. The gentler evening sessions of Yin with the focus on relaxation and release, promoting harmony, healthy immune functioning and improving overall vitality. The weekends include beautiful shared twin or single accommodation, fabulously tasty and healthy vegetarian meals and snacks. All the herbal tea you can drink, and many holistic treatments may also be arranged with our onsite Masseuse (at a special reduced rate). These addisional classes with New Teachers over the weekend are part of their training but they are all fully insured and will be closely oberseved, you are more then welcome to join them.

at Bransgore, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Bransgore, United Kingdom

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