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    • avatar Courtenay Allen 1

      This was so helpful! thanks heaps for this video :)

      • avatar Anna Meier 1

        Could you try the sunwarrior classic plus vegan protein powder (chocolate/vanille/natural)? I tried alot of protein powders and I really love this one. Maybe it‘s an option for you too. It is gluten free, vegan, soy free and has no sugar as far as i know. You‘re such an inspiration btw!💕💕💕💕xxxx

        • avatar trudy harris 1

          shortlix.com/snapchatsecrets !  there are no more secrets ! Find  more  S N A P C H A  T   e x p o s e d   p i c t u r e s !

          • avatar Noelle Shonk 1

            tammy!!! what music gets you going for your workouts weather its at home or the gym!!

            • avatar Faay Min park 1

              Please do a what I eat in a day video ❤️

              • avatar Sophia Jones 1

                Do you use these products before and after the gym every time you go to the gym if it’s twice a day?

                • avatar Dulce Vanessa José Zarate 2

                  Love You 😃💖

                  • avatar Olivia GraceVlogs 2

                    I know I have to buy thr watermelon sorbet now! My cola lime is on its way, and i'm planning on buying so much more too!

                    • avatar Chandre Ehrlich 1

                      Tammy when are you going to do a closet tour??😻😻

                      • avatar Eloise Kennedy 1

                        I really want to see all this in action!
                        Like a short clip of you using all of the products then maybe a short talk of what you were working on for that gym session..

                        • avatar Astalyn Briggs 1

                          There are BCAAs in protein lol and creatine is not exactly needed either. Most supplements are bs only thing that you really need is protein powder only if you're not getting enough from food. Don't forget guys every time someone like this from instragram tries to sell you these products they're making money off your lack of education but at least she tried to be authentic at the start of the video.

                          • avatar nanami mafnas 1

                            Safe during breastfeeding?

                            • avatar Eva Sabatino 1

                              What age do you recommend to start taking supplements? x

                              • avatar Tammy Ritter 0

                                Hey Tammy! Just thought I'd ask if you could make a video on how to over come being shy going to the gym?

                                • avatar Life with Lexie and Cody 1

                                  How much protein do you consume daily normally? I'm going vegan and I'm trying to decide on how much I should intake, I'm sure it's slightly different for body types, I do workout specific muscles and build around in a similar way as you, so, just wondering what a base could be?😊😘😌💕

                                  • avatar I Flippin 1

                                    Are you affiliated or sponsored by a women's best? Honestly I really want a body like yours and am inspired by you. You're like my body goals. Hope all this is 💯 💕

                                    • avatar Elizabeth Harmon 1

                                      pleade do a bi and back gym video!!

                                      • avatar Lydia J'adore 1

                                        Hi +Tammy Hembrow can you do expoxing the truth about each other ?? Thank you! Much love 😘💕

                                        Xx JL.

                                        • avatar Haydee Cloke 2

                                          Hey tammy are these products okay to take during breastfeeding?