Surgery To Get Taller – Why It Is The Most Stupid Idea Ever

There are a lot of people in our society who are not happy with how tall they are and that would like to make themselves taller. There are many different methods which can help a person to increase height. The best approach to increase height would be to adopt natural holistic methods such as breathing the right way, eating good nourishing food, sleeping properly and doing regular stretching exercises.

If you happen to be a short person, then while searching for ways to increase height, you might have heard about the option surgery to make you taller. This is probably the least recommended of all the ways that you could use to increase your height. Surgery treatment is generally not recommended as it is really expensive and besides, it necessitates extensive stay period in a medical facility. Furthermore, surgery treatment for increasing height is not covered by the medical insurance since it is regarded as a cosmetic procedure. This surgical procedure is painful; so painful that many hospitals that perform it require patients to first undergo a psychological evaluation test to decide if they can handle the mental stress and pain connected with the surgery and post-operational recovery period. Surgery to make you taller can, at best, give you a couple more inches of height however it is at a terrible cost financially, physically and mentally.

In medical terms, the surgery treatment which is used to make people taller is called distraction osteogenesis. In this surgical treatment, the long bones of your body are lengthened. The bone is fractured into two pieces and the pieces are moved apart to allow new bone to develop in the gap. This type of surgery is very painful and is prone to many complications such as infection and causes large and ugly scars. This procedure could cost somewhere around $ 20,00 which is just for the treatment, not including the charges for hospital stay.

Most doctors consider surgery to make you taller as a bad idea and they do their best to talk people out of it. One, they wouldn’t like to break a perfectly functioning healthy limb. Secondly, they think that moving around in wheelchair and crutches for over a year to be totally absurd. Third, enduring such intense pain and complications just for a cosmetic procedure is not advisable in any case. Lastly, the doctor does not want you to be exposed to the risks of nerve damage, severe infections and embolisms leading to death that this surgery entails. So most medical facilities recommend the candidate to undergo psychological evaluation and counseling to make certain that he or she is mentally prepared to bear the stress and pain connected with this procedure.

It is quite evident that surgery to make you taller carries a lot of negative points and there isn’t a single good reason in support of it. Do yourself a favor and increase your height by employing holistic methods which are safe and natural.

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