Surrender To The Black Dog

Surrender To The Black Dog
Healing Arts

"Surrender To The Black Dog"

“Good art wounds as well as delights. It must, because our defenses against the truth are wound so tightly around us. But as art chips away at our defenses, it also opens us to healing potentialities that transcend intellectual games and ego-preserving strategies.”
― Rollo May
Some days you have to succumb to the bitch. Surrender to that bitch. And then you wake up and realise: Dammit. It’s a new day … and start over.

Edit notes:
Self portrait taken in Procamera, iPhone 4S;
Cropped to 16:9 landscape, brightened 100% in Snapseed + Tilt-shift
Merged onto white landscape canvas in Superimpose with bits masked out, selective blur etc;
Photofx Ultra & Noir Photo filters used;
Modern Grunge filter and then final tweaks in Snapseed again.

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